Blood Test After 4 Months. Acne, Empty Moods, and Good Stuff

Starting Labs were
I’m 30 y/o

Free T- 59.4 pg/ml 35-155
Total T 345 ng/dl. 250-1100

Work was busy so it took longer then 12 weeks I’ve been taking 160mg per week with 80mg injections Sunday and Thursday. I don’t have original e2 or any SHBG. Hematocrit is high normal.

Free T- 146 pg/ml. 35-155
Total T- 692 ng/dl. 250-1100
E2 - 64 pg/ml. < or = 29

Everything was great at first and I would say things are better than they were but I’m getting really bad acne on my back and my mood has been somewhat lackluster where when I started I was crushing life. I’m not sure if it’s E2 or what so I’m looking for a little direction I should be going over labs with the doc next week. I can’t complain about the progress in the gym or anything I’ve been adding weight to all my lifts and holding myself back to not get hurt. I was a gym rat before but it’s been crazy to see the progress come again. I definitely see my hard work pay off but I want to feel good out of the gym too which is why I got on.

The acne is crippling I don’t want to take my shirt off in public even though I’m like 5’10" 200 pounds with visible abs now. I had an itch and popped a zit under my shirt at the gym on my back. I’ve never ad anything like it. I got some acne body wash with salicylic acid and a scrub brush so I can actually scrub my back which I can’t tell if it helps. I’m not happy or sad really kind of cynical and don’t have the drive I had when I started a few months ago and can’t seem to get motivated. I made 45k in a q4 2020 when I made 40k in all of 2019.

These issues are related to DHT which is converted from testosterone and you might be able to correct these issues by injecting smaller doses more often which would give you steadier hormone levels avoiding larger peaks that might make the difference.

This is exactly what I did and it definitely made a difference, I do get a little acne from time to time but nothing like when I was on a twice weekly protocol. Twelve weeks is still very earlier in this TRT game and what worked in the beginning may not work in the coming months as your body continues acamate to the TRT.

I met with the doc and he said to take saw palmetto once a day for the dht symptoms and if it doesn’t clear up he’d prescribe finasteride. I’d likely avoid another medication as much as possible. He also increased my dose from 80mg 2x per week to 90mg 2x per week which honestly has made me feel amazing all around but the acne is still hanging around. It’s not terrible I use salycilic acid body wash with a scrub brush after workouts and shower 2x a day. I like my 2x a week protocol as it’s simple. But I may try more frequent smaller doses soon if nothing changes

Consistency has helped me the most with acne. Changing my dose, frequency, or even missing my injection by one day will usually cause a breakout. Alba acnedote is the product I use, and it helps a lot if I get a stubborn outbreak. Honestly, I don’t get a lot of outbreaks anymore since I stopped messing with my protocol.