Blood, Sweat and Tears

It feels weird sitting here knowing I don’t have any school work, YAY!!

I found some hills! Actually, I’ve known about them for awhile since I pass em everyday on my off this base…but they were covered in snow… Eventually my kids will go with me; Im sure they’d have fun walking up and rolling down. :slight_smile:

Yeah for adorable little monkeys!

^now THOSE are CUUUUTE!! awwww

hi MIM! another log-i’m following along. your monkeys are cute!

snow hills for running…i love 'em! can you sled down with the kids and then run back up?

haha, they WERE snow covered…its nearly 80 degrees today!! :slight_smile:

no training today…gotta go shopping for my daughter’s b-day next week!!

I’m starting to rethink some training goals of mine…gotta do what you hate. Going to be incorporating more metabolic stuff(puke)

my song of the day:

may be going to see them in May for the hubby’s b-day!

Beee-u-tiful family you got there!

Your training is awesome as usual - and you did that all in an hour. Not bad. WTF are fire hydrants? haha!

hellllloooo betty!! new log :slight_smile:

your kids are adorable!!! makes life worth living huh?

hope you have a great day!! keep up the awesome work

Fire hydrants, and other booty exercises I do:

with the foot going towards the ceiling, I hook a dumbbell between…

I guess these exercises could be good for warm ups, but i also like to use them as finishers on leg days…at least lately… booty needs extra attention :wink:

Hi Robilyn!!

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:
I guess these exercises could be good for warm ups, but i also like to use them as finishers on leg days…at least lately… booty needs extra attention :wink:

I’ve always used them as dynamic warm up moves. I really like the way the fire hydrant one makes my hips feel.

Food for the day:

fasted morning errands :wink:

1230pm- teriyaki chicken/green beans

snack-cottage cheese

dinner- 530pm- turkey meatballs+cauli

I don’t talk about it much, but I normally fast on non-training days…usually until lunch time…when the hubby leaves I’m gonna play around with cutting food time off at 5pm or so…gotta use all the tools I can to keep lean with my busy kid filled life.

Oooh new log, and piccies! Your son looks just like his dad.
I throw in a few fasting periods as well, depending on how I’m feeling. It does help.

Hmm. Not sure fasting is a good idea. I’ve always read that it’s better to each small portions every three hours from the minute you get up till the minute you go to bed. Whenever I skip a meal, I always eat more than I should later to make up for it! But I have, like, zero willpower in the food department.

nice new log! :slight_smile: i look forward to all the cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Fasting is controversial I suppose…there are lots of cool sites out there…Mark Sisson is big proponent, as well as Martin Berkhan if you ever want to google…not sure if I can post links here about it:

I first learned about fasting when I did a coaching program through Precision Nutrition…fasting was one of the lessons!
I’ve done a lot of reading , and I’m cool with it…I don’t go pigging out either…just eat as normal. Just another way to have a deficit during the week, and a couple days where I don’t have to worry about what meal I’m going to eat next! Like I said, not everyone has the same opinions…

GOt outside and played in the dirt…planted some flowers!!

Beautiful fam Mom! (and yes, I know it’s Betty too ;D) I call you both… I honestly just type whatever comes out first… Mom, MIM, Betty, hey you… whatever… =D

That’s funny I have actually been fasting a lot too lately… It didn’t start on purpose really… I was just drinking my juiced veggies in the morning (on an empty stomach as recommended) and then I would be starving… so I would have my black tea with a little organic heavy whipping cream… and then I would just not eat again for several hours because I would be busy…

Have been reading more about it and several of my friends are actually testing it out to see if we want to add it as a new diet type to Red Point and they are having amazing results with it… they are leaner, stronger, have added some lean mass and they actually enjoy it. They are also able to be more lenient/less strict with food choices while improving body composition. They are also sleeping better with more energy and have improved skin.

It’s definitely not the ONLY way to go… but an interesting choice for some people.

I think I will comment more on it in my journal as I don’t wanna hi-jack =D

Molly, my acupuncturist fasts quite regularly and her skin is literally GLOWING. Like, impressively so.

I would also be a fan of fasting or going on juice diets, but I’m like Snap. Zero effing will power. Its just best for me to go down a route that I know is tried and true - moderation.

Also, Betty, you say cutting off food time at 5p - there’s no science behind this that I know of, but I used to do this when I was younger and it helped me stay quite lean. So, its not a bad idea. I still try to not eat later than 7, but I usually get hungry…

I’m used to being hungry…its part of the game when you have a signif amt of fat to lose…which I did! I don’t think it has to do with will power, but more about choices…

Im pretty much an all or nothing kind of person…if I decide to do something I give it my all…no half-assing it…which is why I think it took so long to get this weight off…I wasn’t fully committed to the process! Which is also why half of America is overweight…they make bad choice after bad choice, until they wake up one day and they are just sick of it all…but why even go there??

Molly- I’d love to read more if you all decide to do that…I think it’s interesting!! It’s definitely not mainstream!

Oh and I did train today :slight_smile: After my client…whom btw, I had squatting 60lbs.(bar+15) GO HER!! It was a proud moment…

strength moves:

MP-5x5, 60,60, 65,75,75
Bent over rows- 5x5,85,85,95,95,115

circuit:3 rounds/10 reps of everything

one arm mp(35lbs)
high pulls(65lbs)
mtn climbers(3 count)
up and over lunges
side planks with a side kick
renegade rows
flutter kicks(3 count)

I ‘enjoyed,’ it!! I only had 45 min to work with…I went straight from the gym to meet the hubby for a deployment brief…its getting REAL!


cottage cheese

protein drink

turkey meatballs
cukes, tomato, avacado+a bit of mayo

coconut+chopped dates
handful of cinnamon toast crunch(oops)


I mostly eat the same stuff and I like posting it cause it keeps me honest…plus its my log, so pbbbbbbbt… :stuck_out_tongue: