Blood, Sweat and Tears

^old log

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I feel like I’ve only just begun!

It took about 6 months for the last log to reach capacity…In the next 6 months my hubby will have left for training and will be serving in Afghanistan until May 2011…

Hopefully there won’t be much blood, but I know for certain there will be lots of sweat and tears on my end. Life goes on, and I gotta keep chasing my goals to keep me sane.

To give a brief history:

It was this time last year that I officially became mad enough at my weight to really dig deep and do something about it…

I’ve lost 60+ pounds(so far), and it’s my mission in life to never ever go back…I’ve always been active and I didn’t gain weight just by lazing around shoving junk down my throat(well, maybe with my last pregnancy…I was on bed rest and it was the middle of winter in Maine…what else was there to do? :wink:

I’ve gained weight through the years because of bad choices…when I got out of bootcamp about 12 years ago, I was completly on my own for the first time…a hunny bun and a dr pepper is healthy because it’s small in portion size, right? That’s the way I thought about food before I knew what healthy eating was…I’d skip breakfast, have crap for lunch,and go out to eat almost every night…forget about exercise!! I only did it when we had to as a command…and I wondered why I had gained 30lbs within a year!!

I’d work hard while the hubby was away on deployments etc just to gain all the weight back when he returned…took me awhile to notice the pattern…But I’m breaking that pattern!!

…my goal is to continue to lean down with my existing eating habits and walking+intervals a couple times a week, while getting stronger…

New log! Hi MiM. :slight_smile:

^ HI!

An added bonus for reading the first page of my log: my name is Betty :slight_smile: Hi.

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:
^ HI!

An added bonus for reading the first page of my log: my name is Betty :slight_smile: Hi. [/quote]

Okay I will call you Betty now :slight_smile:

I knew you were Betty. I’m astute.

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cool old song>


Looking forward to continuing to follow your progress over here Betty. :slight_smile:

Your progress so far has been really impressive and inspiring! Love those quads!

Love that song too. My music teacher in 8th grade was cool, so I got to learn that song on the clarinet.

Hi Betty! Just following you over here.

Hi Betty! So excited to follow you on your journey. Huzzah! (that’s what Navy peeps say, no?)

Hello…sheesh that other log filled up quick…Look at what you have achieved in the last 6 months !!!

slinks off again as typing with one hand very slow

no Masch- it’s Hoorah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Damo!

Thanks to all! it’s been a successful 6 months, but the next 6 and the next 6 after that will prove to be the toughest ever…but there is strength in numbers…as each day passes I will become stronger mentally and physically…(I hope! unless my kids drive me to the looney bin first!) :wink:

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My monkeys:


being silly

You have a beautiful family MIM.

Yay! New log!

You have a cute family!

Very cute family! Your little monkeys are adorable!

Hi mim, or Betty! I miss those days of my daughter being a little monkey. Yipee, new log. (:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

warmups, hypers, planks

Deads-5x5, 135, 155x2 175x2

walking lunges- 3x10x65,70,70

seated leg curls-3x10x65

reverse grip pulldown
-supersetted with-
1 arm rows
3x10x40(strict, meh)

close grip cable row-
-supersetted with-
standing low cable row

single leg dl
fire hydrants

weighted abs
hanging leg raises

In and out in about an hour!

ya toots, she definitely is a mommy’s girl…the hubby left on a 6 month deployment back when she was just 7wks old :frowning: she’s about to turn 3, and in a couple months the hubby is leaving and she’ll be 4 when he gets back…crazy!!


cottage cheese
handful of cinnamon toast crunch(teehee)

whey shake

turkey meatballs
a veggie

a veggie