Blood Sugar Levels

I always have a Pre-W/O drink before training however for the last 2 days I have had a bit of a stomach flu and I have found it hard to keep it in. Yesterday I threw up and got to thinking what kind of affect it had.

If one eats something or drinks something to spike insulin during training and throws up within a certain time would your blood sugars be drastically lowered? If so, does the time in which you consume then throw up matter? I know it is a weird question but, it has been bothering me.

Vomit is coming out of your stomach (stuff that didn’t make it into the blood). Blood sugar is the glucose in the blood (duh). I don’t see how vomiting would initally drop your blood sugar.

If for example, you were only able to digest/absorb half of your shake before vomiting the rest back up, then now because your blood glucose didn’t spike as high as it should have (because all the CHOs from your shake didn’t make it to the blood), your blood sugar will then drop more quickly. I hope that made some sense. I’ve never seen or read anything on the effects of vomiting on blood glucose but thats what I would assume.

That is what I figured but, I meant if you threw up within a 5-10 min of taking in the carbs. I assumed that if it took hours the carbs would be for the most part absorbed.

If you threw up within 5 minutes of ingesting the shake, the carbs would never make it to your blood. So in that sense, it wouldn’t increase your blood sugar, but its not lowering your blood sugar from what it was before the vomit.