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Blood Sugar Drop Post-Exercise

Dr. Darden,

To begin with, I can be sensitive to bloodsugar drops, which is why I have to be precise with regular meals. Bear in mind, I am now on a approx 3500 cal carbohydrate based diet, which should be sufficient for most needs.

About an hour post 30-10-30 or 30-30-30 excercise I get a symtomatic drop of bloodsugar. About 10-15 mins later I get a serious craving for food. This does not happen on my “normal” HIT training day, which made me a bit curious. I always drink a post-workout shake with vitargo carbohydrates (340 cal).

Can you confirm this is explained by the hormonal influx corresponding with these regimes, as explained in your books?

Have other trainees of yours experienced similar phenomenon?

Something is definitely going on with these regimes/cadences…

I’m curious as to what is your “normal” HIT training day like?

I don’t remember any of my previous trainees noting such a craving. But what you described does make sense after a serious 30-10-30 session.

Hi Scott,

Warmup rowing machine 5 mins. 8 excercises, now moving from machines to free weights in my “normal” routine = 4 secs pos 4 secs neg, 8-12 reps. Post stretching. In total 35-40 mins (the gym routine about 25 mins).

Thanks. Yes, I definitely correlate my symtoms to especially 30-10-30. It must be a result of the high intensity, which in turn activates the hormonal cascade.