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Blood Stains in Muscles After Workout

Recently I find small blood stain in my muscles after I finish workout. They start red, then turn to purple in few days, then disappear, except one that turned to brown and still there. I first experinced this in triceps of both arms after -not so tough- workout. Then now I got another one in my Biceps left arm -as the picture-. They don’t hurt, but I am worried, do I do something wrong? Do they need rest? I have Arm workout today, shall I cancel/switch it?!
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Probably best if you saw your physician about this.

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See a doctor immediately, I am not a doctor and this is not a medical opinion, but you may be anemic or have some sort of clotting disorder. This based on anecdotal evidence from an anemic friend that lifts. Again, not a medical opinion, see a doctor for one though. Good luck.

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