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Blood & Saliva Test Results

Hi all, I have been having the following symptoms and issues for about half a year:

1.) Fatigue/lack of vigor** - this is huge, there are times where I physically feel like I could go back to bed after only being up for an hour or so.
2.) Brainfog
3.) Anxiety and at times slight depression (typically I’m pretty upbeat)

Age: 25
Height: 6’
Weight: 210 lbs

I recently decided to get a separate blood test and saliva tests, here are the results:
Blood Results:
TSH 3.170 uIU/mL

Saliva Results:
Estradiol 0.6 pg/mL
Progesterone 35 pg/mL
Testosterone 93 pg/mL
DHEAS 3.6 ng/mL
Cortisol (morning) 3.3 ng/mL
Cortisol (noon) 2.6 ng/mL
Cortisol (evening) 0.9 ng/mL
Cortisol (night) 0.4 ng/mL

I am wondering if everything looks normal? Or if I should consider t-replacement.

It am a bit frustrating, and while I am still lifting, etc. - it is just a little rough having to grind it out and having this be my default setting. And my compound lifts/strength have been down greatly from where I have been. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What time were these tests done? The sluggishness/brain fog may stem more from high TSH. I had similar results to you this past spring. Total test in the 420s with a TSH of ~3. A month later I was tested again with similar total test (went from 428-434) but TSH under 1.5. I found my mood and energy levels were vastly improved

Thanks for the reply!

The Blood Test was done at 2pm.

The Saliva test samples were done at different intervals throughout the day. Any metric that isn’t attributed to a specified time is from the largest morning (8am) sample that I gave.

Glad to hear you were able to sort everything out, what did you do to lower your TSH levels?

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TSH can be elevated and temperatures low from not using iodized salt.