Blood Rush/Head Stress with Handstand/Pike Push-Ups. Tips?

With my gym closed, I’m having to workout at home. I decided to try 8 weeks of body weight (mostly) work. To work my shoulders, I settled on handstand holds and pike pushups.

The only problem is that my eyes feel like they’re gonna pop out of my head and/or my head is gonna pop like a grape. I know it’s from the blood rushing in there, but anyone have any advice as to how to limit/reduce this? Or am I just gonna have to strap my big boy panties on and get used to it (which I’m totally fine with!!)

I used to do them when I did CrossFit. My eyes felt fine but I did get a blood rush. For me, I just had to ignore it and do my sets. Never found/heard of a way to reduce it.

Headstands for repeat exposure made it subside quickly for me