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Blood Results Too Good to Be True?


Howdy folks - I ordered a “black market” testosterone gel which I used for about 1 month prior to getting my blood test done. I was a dummy and did not test my levels before, however, I can say I feel excellent in all ways possible. What do you guys think of my test results? I feel like I should stick to my ’ self-prescribed’ protocol and whatnot since it’s working well so far. Yes, I will get another test in about 1-2 months. Thoughts on these results?

You have optimal testosterone levels, keep things as they are. You want Free T percentage closer to 3 percent, 2-3 percent is normal. Test Free T3 next time, this is the free hormone that speeds up every cell in the body increasing metabolism, increasing body temperatures and even affects neurotransmitters.

SHBG is another important test, yours is likely on the higher end probably around 40, higher SHBG is better.

Hope you draw blood an hour after administering the T gel.

@albert88 those bloods look great I would not change a thing.

Yes I got blood drawn actually like 4 hours after gel was put on.

Then your levels were probably higher, your supposed to test after 1 hour. No biggy because you’re doing great, nothing wrong with higher levels if there are no negative symptoms.