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Blood Results - Should I Worry?

My doctor just called to tell me the following:

Total Test: 1400 + change, range 280-950 (ng/dl)

Free Test: More than 5, range up to 3.5

Estradiol: 95, range 14-50

I don’t mind having high Test. But is it time for a good anti-E?

BTW: I’m 53 and feel great, for the first time in years.

Thanks guys!!

Your doctor didn’t lower your T dosage? You lucky dog…
As far as an anti-E, YES! You will probably feel even better with your E under control.
A-dex works wonders and it is cheap. When my E tested at 105, I started on A-dex, and in 14 days, got down to 47. I didn’t really start feeling great again until almost a month later.

1mg day 1, 1mg day 3, .25mg EOD until day 14, b/w done on day 15. Since a-dex has a half-life of three days a small dosage EOD works great. Most of us want our E between 20 and 30. Please remember some guys get the same benefit from a-dex using 1/2mg week, not 1-1/2mg week. Get your b/w done 14-20 days after starting and then in a month, provided your T dosage stays the same…

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