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Blood Results, Scripts, Cycle Ideas


After waiting far too long, I finally got some bloodwork done with a Dr that had been highly recommended.

Below are some of the results;

test: 317
free test: 11.5
dhea: 632

This was after 15 weeks of test/tren, then 3 months at 250mgs of test e, and then 3 months clean.

Dr prescribed a oral trouch of 20mg per day. This is supposed to bump me up to levels of approx 700. Not really what I was hoping for! I really pushed for him to just prescribe a bottle so I could self inject at 200mg/week, but that did not happen.

It's now been close almost two weeks taking the trouch, and I have not noticed much of a change. From what I have read, this stuff is supposed to get into your system very fast.

At this point, I'm just going to go back to doing things the way I had been before. All of my other blood profiles looked pretty darn good, and I will just keep going back for regular blood work and checkups.

With the recent bust, my access to stuff has gone way down. I currently have some anadrol, EQ, and about 60 zambons hanging around. I can get HG test.

I was thinking of something like the following;

test e @ 500mg/wk for 15 weeks
eq @ 350mg/wk for 15 weeks
winny (inject) at 50mg ed for 5 weeks
adrol at 50mg ed for till it runs out, prob 4-5 weeks

test e @ 250mg/wk for another 15 weeks or life, lol.

Actually, I will probably run at 150-200 per week, whatever would keep me at levels of around 900.

I have never ran EQ before, so we'll see how that works. I also did not like winny before when I tried it, as it killed my joints. This was at the end of my cycle however, so this time I will try it at the beginning.

Plan on getting at minimum 6,000 calories per day. Diet is usually going to consist of some type of the following. 1 gallon of whole milk per day, 3-4 shakes, 12 whole eggs, big dinner with lean protien source/veggies, and then whatever else it takes to fill in the day. Usually some fast food or whatever is free or cheap.

This is going to be my 4th true cycle. I had gotten up to 250lbs last go round, I'm currently at 225. Most gains have been lost due to a nagging shoulder injury, poor training, and I did try to lose some weight for another aspect of life. I would like to get 260 this go round, and then try to maintain 245-250 afterwards.

What do some of you boys think about the above? Look forward to reading some of it. Thanks as always!



How did you transition off this cycle?


Am I understanding correctly you went from 15 weeks of test/tren and then 12 weeks of test at 250mg/week and then cold turkey??


what is trouch? I cannot even find it on google


I used just the taper to come off, should have been more specific. For the last 6 weeks I ran 250/mg every other week. My first cycle I used a full PCT and I crashed hard. Since then I just taper.

Google "testosterone troche" I had it spelled wrong. It's just a tablet that you dissovle under your tounge.



troche...oral testosterone usually made by compounding pharmacy. The thing to do is just ask the doc if you can have it rechecked, then again stop taking everything, test level should still be low, then tell him obviously the troche is not working and you would like to try injections.


Lol, I like your line of thinking. However, this has already been a 4 month process, and I'm kinda tired of keeping my levels down. He did not want to prescribe the bottle at all, which means I would have to go into the office once a week to get hit, this is honestly just to much hassel for me. I really don't want to start over with another doc either, as it's going to be a similar timeframe I'm sure.