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Blood Results - Please Advise

Thyroid panel looks good

Free T4 - 0.72 (.59-1.17)
FSH - .17 (1.27 - 19.26)
HLH - .12 (1.24 - 8.62)
Test 1252 (350-890)
Estradl - 30pg (20-75)

Not good when test goes from 83 to 1252. Probably back the test inject down to 100mg a week…

What could be making my pituary’s so low?

Your free T4 is okay, but since T3 gives you energy, where are the free T3 and TSH test results?
Your HLH and FSH are shut down due to the T injections, and I wonder has your scrotum shrunk and have your testes shrunken too?

As far as your T level from the b/w, what day after your injection did you have the b/w done?
If you got your b/w done the day after the injection, a high reading like that would be normal. What is current dosage?
If you want an average number, have your b/w done half way between shots. If you want a lower b/w number, have the testing done the day before the injection.

The guys I know on HRT/TRT, want the b/w results as low as possible so they wait until the day before the injection to get tested. That way they get the maximum legal dosage from the doctor…