Blood results not good

Hi I’ve been injecting 150mg every 5 days since last August due to low test levels I’ve just had my bloods done because I have been feeling eastrogen effects I have arimidex but I’m not sure how much to take or the frequency based on my results I’m assuming when I get that in check the other results should improve with it any help much appreciate

93nmol/L on 210mg per week, that’s impressive !

If you look for a TRT dose for long-term use, I would suggest to lower the dose.

Maybe 100 or 110mg E5D would be more reasonable dose for TRT purposes.

The estrogen is a little elevation, nothing to worry about unless you feel bad. It’s elevated most likely because you are at 93 nmol/L instead of the normal range which usually goes to 30nmol/L.

Personally would try and lower the testosterone dose instead of using an AI.


Been feeling really shit for a couple of weeks while i was waiting to sort my bloods out i started taking 0.25 every other day and proviron 25mg per day I stopped 2 days before my bloods were done been struggling down stairs and the proviron which I had to stop gave me anxiety followed by really bad aggression hence the wife still ain’t talking to me I’ll drop my test a bit but need to dial in the ai do you think 0.5 every other day will be enough to get it down ??

Your total testosterone is at 2783 ng/dL and estrogen is at 53 pg/mL and you’re going to blame estrogenic side effects for your symptoms?

The normal ranges for estrogen were derived from men with total testosterone <500, and not men with high normal testosterone.

I purpose a new theory, androgenic side effects in excess via its effects on sodium reabsorption in the kidneys.

Symptoms → elevated blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue. Then you threw a weak anabolic steroid into the mix, no surprise it didn’t end well.

What method of testing was used for your total testosterone?

Are you taking biotin supplements?

If so biotin supplements interfere with some methods of lab testing and will give erroneous high values.

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No I’m not taking biotin supplements not sure what methods were used to test my blood I just paid for lab tests and sent off my vacu tube

How many days after your injection did you draw labs?

As it goes you probably hit the nail on the head I injected on Tuesday and done bloods Wednesday which probably
Wasn’t a good idea but I’ve been feeling so shit I just wanted to know what was going on and completely forgot I needed to wait another day how much would my results have been elevated because of this ?? Either way I only use for trt so I’ve dropped down to 100 mg and I’m gonna do every 7 instead of 5 hopefully that will bring my levels more into check I’ll do bloods again in 6 weeks bottom line all I want is a sex drive and a cock that works

Yup I figured. Even so… you are running a bit high. You don’t need to keep testing FSH/LH while on T Cyp. They will always be almost 0 on external Test. Everything looks pretty good, even SHBG which if very low can make it hard to manage. Yours isn’t. I would just adjust dose down with Docs approval and see how you feel in a few weeks.

Have you considered adding PRIMO or MAST at 100 or 150 a week with the TRT? The primo or mast will definitely help with the E regulation, and potentially increase the sex drive. MB consider them before you crash your E with AI’s… just a humble suggestion.

Neither can be prescribed. He appears to be trying to find legitimate TRT through a provider. Personally, I think PEDs should only be an avenue to explore once you’;ve found a TRT protocol where you feel good as a safe place to return to. Running Primo or Mast long term is no bueno too. All sorts of bad things long term.

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Ahhh I was unaware he was doing this above board. I hadnt read all the posts so my bad there. I agree adding almost any exogenous “medication” can have long term deleterious effects. Honestly he should be discussing his options with whomever prescribed the TRT.
I know a lot of guys on other forums who run TRT+ pretty much year round. I reckon I should also mention these guys are in the over 40 age range so endogenous TEST production is pretty much not of great concern and squared away by continuous TRT.
I also know people who smoke crack and shoot heroine… doesn’t mean they’re right either! Just another 2 cents bro…

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Just to clarify I’m not, I’m using chilton labs was gonna go legit when I got my test back last August but my mate is on it and his response was good luck with that, took him a year because they have to address underlying issues drink smoking bmi etc so I thought bugger it been doing 150mg/0.5ml every 5 days since then shit only hit the fan about 3 weeks ago which was why I got confused added proviron hoping to curb the Estrogen and it fried my brain so then got bloods done, I started 0.5 arimidex when I got them back gonna run that for another week dropped to 100mg yesterday so fingers crossed I’ve already pissed the wife off with the proviron so I’m not looking to add anything else just winding it back till I find the sweet spot panicked a bit when I looked at the results but bottom line is I was taking to much


Ah… well that would be my bad then but regardless find a healthy TRT protocol that works for you before jumping onto any PEDs. You’ll thank me later.

Thank you
For your help fingers crossed I’ll get it sorted now :+1: