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Blood Results Low FSH, High LH. 1 Year After Anabolics

Hi guys looking for some help 28years old
75kg 179cm 10percent body fat,
Iv been suffering with low T symptoms and have been getting regular bloodwork since stopping anabolics 1 year ago,
When I stoped I had blood work done after 1 minth my prolactin was high
At 23ng/ml
and my shbg Was 54nmol/L
At this point my LH was 3.9mui/mL
And my FSH was 1.6mui/ML
My total testosterone was 6.90ng/ML
And my free testosterone was 9.55ng/dl
Fast forward to now almost a year later and my hormones are still not good maybe worse,
Prolactin went down wich is good 8.2ng/ml
Shbg is 60nmol/L
LH 8.3
FSH 2.3
Total testosterone 7.02ng/ml
Free testosterone 10ng/dl
Bioavailable testosterone 214ng/dl
Dheas 8.31
Estrodial 29pg/mL
Cortisol 18
Free t4 1.25
TSH 1.22
Glucose 86mg/dl
Urea 0.46g/L
Sodium 140
Hemoglobin 15.7g/dl

I would really appreciate any help from someone who can understand what is going on with my hormones, especially my low FSH and my high SHBG,
Thanks alot joshua

Need to post ranges with your lab numbers. Ranges vary depending on labs so hard to tell where you sit without them.

Ranges would help.
Your SHBG is high because your Test is low. It’s a natural response to low androgen levels. What did you do for PCT?

Add reference ranges.

You can’t fix these hormonal issues naturally, you need TRT and it’s that simple. Your liver is cranking out too much SHBG and it will only increase with age.

Trying to manipulate SHBG, good luck with that because once the liver starts down this road there’s not much you can do about it.

LH is already almost at redline, this is the best it’s going to get naturally.

Thanks for that info systemlord I was thinking the same but thought maybe theres a way round it with out TRT, but its looking more and more likey that TRT is the likely option to fix it,

I was thinking there maybe a way to fix the low FSH and the supplement to get the shbg down,

Do you know if my thyroid is ok with the labs I provided?

Thanks Joshua

TSH looks great, but no active thyroid hormones were tested, fT3 (not fT4) increases metabolism. I wouldn’t expect to see a problem at this TSH level in most cases, it is rare to see problems at this TSH level.

There needs to be a balance between fT3 and rT3 and doctors don’t seem to test these often. The TSH and fT4 seem to be the knee-jerk reaction to testing thyroid among providers.

Thanks mate that info has been really helpful I guess I probably gotta start TRT then,
Not looking forward to have to pin my self my whole life, but I guess its better than live with these symptoms that come and go as they like, I have to say im not feeling terrible considering my hormones are all over the shop,

Thanks again mate

There are options for 20% creams that work as well (not the 2% Androgel stuff). But I’m not sure if they are available where you are…

Ok Il check the options before starting,
I might also check FT3 because Maybe that could be reason for the high shbg,
Its worth a try before going on TRT forever,

Can’t hurt but don’t get your hopes up

Thanks Will post the results of FT3 when get them

With high LH and low Tesosterone it points towards your testicles not working properly, have you suffered any injuries or damage or varicose veins?

I had higher T levels than you (12) with LH of around 2, and I ended up on TRT due to the pituitary gland no releasing enough LH.
You seem to have plenty so the issue will be elsewhere

The issue looks to be my very low FSH,
And my high SHBG eating all my free test,
Most people are saying theres no option apart from TRT or live how I am now,
Im sure there must be a way to try increase FSH and maybe the SHBG will go down after that,

FSH is for sperm production, it will do nothing to lower SHBG. I don’t know where you are getting this idea that increasing FSH will decrease SHBG.

LH = testosterone
FSH = sperm production

I was told by the anabolic doc that any of these main hormones when out of balance can cause other hormones to over react or under react, depending on the persons hormonal situation,
As im sure you know everybody’s hormones can react differently to any change,

I’m certain than if doctors digged a little deeper and had better knowledge a lot of men could skip TRT and be cured by simply supplementing what’s deficient. Sadly doctors are looking for the quick cheap fix to problems and rarely treat the problems directly, they see a man with depression and go for the antidepressants without looking for the cause.

Thats very true most doctors dont have a clue and have been taught to just try and cover symptoms,

You could be right though systemlord I could increase the FSH and stabilize everything else and maybe the shbg still doesn’t come down, its probably a 50/50 chance,
Maybe Iv damaged my self permanently from the cycles,
Its such a complex problem there is no answer, I guess each person must trial there options and see what works best,