Blood Results In, Few Concerns

Your estrogen is going up and down. It doesn’t stay static. So yes it’s abnormal normal .

That guy sued his doc when he started trt and got gyno… so he freaked out and you did not because you’ve had it since childhood. Interesting …

Many docs have said it is genetic . Not that family pass it On alone but that you can have a genetic mutation occur that causes gyno.

You can have this removed with surgery. It will not be perfect but it will get most of it.

An AI will help you manage your estrogen. If you take it I would start super low like .125 .

its not that I dont care that I have gyno, its just not noticeable, when i push in my nipples its just a little lump, however since starting trt it has become sore when i push, i imagine its getting aggravated with the higher estrogen levels?

I guess my question is, when someone has a small case of gyno, do they have to keep their estrogen lower to keep it from getting worse?

I am currently taking 80mg test C 2x week, 500iu hcg 2x week and .5 arimidex 2x a week (increased from .25 2x a week because of the higher estrogen in the test above)

I have seen @KSman mention 1mg of arimidex per 100 of test cyp is often needed, would 1.5mg a week of arimidex be warranted instead of the 1mg that im currently taken split across 2 does?

No disrespect to @KSman, but that is an irrelevant number. Start as low as possible and only add after some time and as necessary, if necessary.

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Thanks to the reply thats why I am trying to ask a lot of questions,

So I was on

200 mg test c (100 2x week)
500 iu hcg 2x week
.25 arimidex 2x a week
and thats what gave me the blood work above

I am now on
160mg test (80 2x week)
500 iu hcg 2x a week
.5 arimidex 2x a week

its been a little over a week with the new dosing, the nipple itsself sensitivity has went away but the pain in the lump is still there, so I imagine the e2 is dropping,

Do you think this protocol is better then the last protocol to hold at and see what the levels are in the next 4-5 weeks?

You’ll know in 6 weeks if it needs to change. The soreness will probably persist for a while even if your levels are now correct. That being said, I don’t like changing more than 1 variable at a time, and your Test dose was adjusted down at the same time as your AI was adjusted up.

ok thanks, you think overall it sounds like a good step in correcting the problem? a good adjustment to the protocol?

Your free t was nice and high. A small decrease will probably make you feel better and you increase ai. You don’t want that to drop your estrogen to low. It will cause more issues. Best thing to do is either stay at dose and increase ai or lower dose and stay at same ai. I would of done the second option. Form research it says you can reduce the size of the nodule and it won’t stay big and annoying.

Worry is dropping e2 to low and causing sides. They are horrid. Joint issues, emotional, urinary and etc. guys complain of a horrible depression that come with it. Be careful.

Clomiphine is what some docs use to control gyno. They do use anastrazole :armidex and all work differently to stop estrogen sides. I would research the different medical options available to me and discuss with my doc. Google away there are a ton of articles on how to control gyno.


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