Blood Results In, Few Concerns

Hey guys I made a post a month or so ago and I didn’t have all of the information I was waiting for some more time to pass before I got my bloods drawn.

Trt has been going well for the most part but I received my labs back and have some questionable results that I do not understand.

First off my protocol
210mg / ml week of Test cyp pinned .5 on Saturday and .5 on Wednesday,
.5 mg arimidex .25 on Thurs / .25 Sunday (clearly not enough)
500iu of HCG the day before the shot of test.

Few questions, I felt overall pretty good, a lot better then I have before TRT, some more energy, strength gains, and muscle have been coming back (was floating between 2-400 test before TRT). I don’t think I am ideal though,

First quesiton is my estrogen level of 50.9, I havent had any real sides of high estrogen, good libido, no morning wood but can get it up, My nipples the past week on and off have been sensitive but I wanted to get the test before changing anything. If I am taking .5 a week (.25 twice) and my estrogen is 50.9 what do you think the dose I should try to get it down to 22? I don’t want to take too much and crash it, Before I started TRT my natural estrogen was 16 with T levels between 2-400

Second question is my thyroid, results, I know from the stickies my TSH is on the high side, T3 and T4 appear to be good? Any advise on how to maximize my thyroid?
TSH 2.220
T3 free 3.5
T4 free 1.24
One thing to note is i just went out and bought iodized salt, I hate sodium I am very sensitive to it so I didnt even own salt in my house, Going to try to use some iodized salt and see if that helps anything but any other advise is awesome. My body temp also never gets up to temp, one day a week or so ill get 98.5 mid day, and im not use to it so I actually feel like I have a fever because my normal body temp is in the 97.1-5 range.

This is the first time I also got my SHBG as well as prolactin tested, my Dr never did this before, I had to demand all of these tests to try to get a full picture of everything.
My SHBG came back at 33.2
prolactin was high at 17.5.
Not really sure what to think of both of these levels, SHBG seems to be in the middle of their range, Prolactin is high, but I did ejaculate the day before, I saw from the stickies this was probably not the best but when the wife is ready its hard to say no.

My Vitamin D was low at 28.9 I have had low vitamin D levels over the years and I take 2,000 IU every morning, I am not sure why this continues to be low and does not raise. I am not sure if that is also something that can throw off some of these other tests.

DHEA serum 183 Range 37-701 seems to be on the low side, could that cause some of my problems?

Cortisol 5.2 (test was taken at 11AM)
range Cortisol AM 6.2 - 19.4 Cortisol PM 2.3 - 11.9
Seems I am on the low side of cortisol?

DHT is 99 range 30-85, is this higher then normal being on TRT?

Test Serum - 1492
Test Free 25.1

Another kind of worry spot was my cholesterol, I never had problems with my cholesterol, I have been eating whole eggs every morning with oatmeal and not sure if this could be the reason? but my levels were for the first time high and low in the wrong direction, some advise would be nice to help make sure I dont die of a heart attack.
Total cholesterol, 157
triglycerides 69
LOW hdl 39
vldl 14
HIGH ldl 104
T chol / HDL ratio 4.0

One thing I also cant get an answer on is my A/G Ratio, it has been high for the past 2 years, every time they do my CMP I am in the 2.4-2.5 range high, Even online I cant seem to see if this is something to worry about or how to get it from flagging high.

Thanks in advise for any help I hope I posted enough information. like I said overall I feel a lot better then I did before trt but I know im not ideal and would like to work on bringing in some of these other areas. Im posting pictures of the actual results as well for the full ranges.

As far as your thyroid, you’re trying to fix something that’s not broken, this can actually cause more problems. TSH is rendered useless for diagnostic purposes when adding excess iodine supplementation, which will see TSH increase.

Most men would have symptoms of low libido or feel less motivated or feeling off with estrogen in the 50’s. Also TRT takes time to repair tissue, it’s not like party drugs where the effect is instantaneous. HCG can cause mood, libido problems, most men to best without HCG.

I can remember a number of times guys say removing HCG from their TRT protocol improved the way they feel, better libido and mood. If taking HCG for fertility reasons, well it’s a trade off because HCG increases estrogen produced inside the testicles that anastrozole can’t have any affect on.

You also have plenty of room to decrease your T dosage, which is piling estrogen on top of the estrogen produced inside the testicles from using HCG requiring the use of AI’s which I doubt you would need if on TRT in isolation. The fewer drugs the better you’ll feel on TRT.

You can always restart HCG and FSH injections when looking to have kids.

Onset of effects of testosterone treatment and time span until maximum effects are achieved

I wonder what your hct and hgb is?

Apparently you like to keep your testosterone above range which I think is a mistake in long term trt. Hence why you need the contraversial ai. And you can look this up ai can screw your lipid profile

I would lower dose and eliminate ai.

If you don’t need HCG for fertility you can drop that before you drop the testosterone dose.

Thanks for the replies,

The range is a little high and I have thought about dropping it if I started getting any negative sides, I am keeping the HCG for a little bit longer as we are debating having another kid. The crit was left on this one but it has not really changed pre trt and post trt, I tend to fluctuate between 45-49%.

How about the other labs anyone have any advise or see anything that could or should change?

As mentioned:

-Thyroid is fine.
-Drop test to 160mg per week if staying on hCG.
-Add DHEA 50mg per day.
-Double your VitD, or even go to 5000IU per day.

Albumin and globulin are both fine.
No need to test FSH and LH while on testosterone.
Repeat prolactin after discontinuing hCG.

I agree with Highpulls recommendations.

I will also comment that over range E2 and prolactin if they stay up there too long >12 months you will start growing man boobs. With a 33 SHGB an E2 in the low 30’s and prolactin in the single digits would be about perfect.
Good luck.
If you really want to keep your Free T over range you will need to up your AI. I would do .25mg M/W/F if your HCG and T dose remains as is. You do need to watch yor HCT that will be a dose reducer sooner or later. I have been there and HCT finely caught up with me.


I now run 80-100mg/wk 800iu HCG and only the ocasional AI if I feel a little sensitive.

Thank you guys for the replies definitely logging all of the comments and seeing what everyone thinks.

What do you guys think of my cortisol level being on the low end with my DHEA being on the low end?

Repeat AM cortisol. Do within 1 hour of getting up.

You can do acth at same time

Your Calcium is too low. I know it is “in range”, but it’s not. That could be (and probably is) related to your Vit D issue. How old are you? That matters for this number.
Your dose is too high, cut back a little (as others suggest here). If you want to blast and cruise, blast and cruise, don’t just cruise at a high level.
Do not ad more AI and drop your dose at the same time. Better just to drop the T a little and see where that gets you.
Also, what exactly worries you about your cholesterol? Eggs are not causing you any problems, you could probably stand some more Omega’s in your diet though. Or take creatine. Either one will raise the HDL.

for better D take 5000 daily of D-3 with your biggest fatty meal, looking for 50.

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I am getting my CBC taken tomorrow AM, it was supposed to be on this test and it dropped off for some reason when they made the lab request. I am looking to “blast and cruise” later after getting everything stable. so I will add the Vitamin D, and the DHEA supplements and drop my test dose some to come to the upper normal and once I figure out where my body holds then I can start trying to figure out a small blast dose. I’m not looking to go extreme, I have actually been pretty happy with my results so far with the current dose I have been on, but I guess going from super low test to 1400 it seems great to me.

Vit D supplementation may not increase your calcium. You probably need a calcium supp more than a Vit D supp.

Just know that this “22” number is absolute bullshit. Don’t chase it.


if you think 22 is your number you are not reading and paying attention. Spend some time reading around here and you’ll find the word 22 has not been suggested in a long time.

Still waiting on my CBC to come back, I imagine everything on that being good.

I lowered my dose to 160mg a week broken up 80 / 80 and I increased my Arimidex to 1mg a week .5 the day after each shot.

The sensitivity in my nips went away but the lump under the nipple is still really sore when I push on my nipples is this due to the higher estrogen levels? (ive had this small lump before on and off, I am not sure if it is estrogen or maybe something else Should taking the .5 mg arimidex 2x a week instead of .25 make that go away? Or should I take more arimidex until it subsides?

trying to get a nice stable level going and doses figured out for a good 3-4 months and then I want to run a light blast of 500mg of test a week with winny, but want to make sure everything is good to go before hand as I haven’t been able to get my doses and levels right yet.

DHEA can also increase estrogen, so dose conservatively.

I havent started taking DHEA yet, I increased my vit D to 4k iu a day. I also take ZMA before bed, and 1k fish oil every afternoon,

500mg/wk with an aas and the word light blast do not belong in the same sentence together.
It sounds like you had gyno before and it keeps coming back each time. Once you start growing breast tissue no pill can make it go away it takes surgery. Get a real doc to check you out before you have to start shopping for trainer bras haha

`im not understating it, I just see some bodybuilders cycles and I was just trying to state I am not interested in adding a bunch of compounds or boosting the test higher.

I have some gyno (small lump) that I got from puberty, when I do cycles of pro hormones (year ago) or anything else it tends to flare up and get super sensitive. Ive noticed that since on trt its been more sensitive even when my estrogen is not higher. Is this normal for the gyno to more sensitive to increases? is there a way people usually manage this?

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It can also make you hungry AF, causing you to put on unnecessary weight.