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Blood Results In. Advice?

Been on TRT for almost a year.
Dose: 1ml/200mg Test E
First 10 months (approx) 1Stick a week.
Since: 2 Sticks a week ( .5ml/100mg) every 3.5 days
Prefer 2 sticks.

Cons: Extreme E.D. Since day one, mild fatigue midday

Pros:Better mood, good sleep, energy most of day.

Blood work: This site helped guide me to specific areas of blood work. THANK YOU ALL!! Here we go

Total-T: No number yet, had to test at different lab?
FREE-T: 26.6 pg/ml (8.7-25.1) HIGH
LH: <0.3 mIU/mL (1.7-8.6) SCARY
FSH: <0.3mIU (1.5-12.4) SCARY
PROLACTIN: 12.2 ng/mL (4.0-15.2)
ESTRADIOL: 56.2 ph/mL (7.6-42.6) HIGH
ESTROGENS TOT: 135 pg/mL (40-115) HIGH
SHBG: 23.7 nmol/L ( 16.5-55.9)

Obviously I need to get LH/FSH figured out. Still ejaculating but minimal, and my balls look like Walnuts.

ED is extremely bad, shortness of breath at times, shrunk balls/penis size worst effects I’m experiencing

Any and all advice is welcome. And again thanks

LH and FSH being almost undetectable isn’t scary, it’s expected. Your natural production is completely shut down at this point, if your LH and FSH were higher that would actually be scary.

When is the blood work from and at what point of the week did you take it? Is it from when you were taking 200mg in 1 weekly injection? Did you test trough levels on day 8 (1)?

It sounds like you’re taking too high a dose given your symptoms. 26ng/dL FT (definitely not in pg/mL, that would be extremely low) is actually very high if it’s your trough on a 1x/week injection protocol. It means you probably peak ~24 hour post injection around 40ng/dL FT or higher.

I would lower your dose 20mg/week at a time and give it 2 months each time until you find a place where you feel better. Ideally I would also go to more frequent injections, but that’s just me.

The blood work stated??
Free Test (Direct) 26.6 pg/mL flagged HIGH.

  • I’m not educated on the measuring levels.

Free Test, Estrodial and Estrogens Total all measured in pg/mL
on these results

Prolactin measured in ng/mL

I was thinking to cut back on dosage.
Which in a perfect would should ideally adjust other levels that Flagged HIGH ( ESTROGENS) and Prolactin in the high percentile.

These test were performed exactly 6 days after an injection of .5ml/ 100 mg of Test E

Thanks for the quick response

Lower your dosage or inject smaller doses more often.

No you don’t, these are suppressed while on TRT and as a result no natural testosterone production.

Ignore estrogens, estradiol is what you want.

You numbers look pretty good man. I think you can get things figured out with more tests and some time.

Is your ED mental or physical? Do you have a desire but no response down below? Or just no desire whatsoever? Morning wood?

Have you done other AAS in the past? If so, what protocol?

Constant desire, only works when it wants and may/may not stay hard till ejaculation.

Morning wood 50/50. Hit or miss
Erection when needing to pee, sometimes

Embarrassing at times.

Overall quality of life is good.

I would lower dose to 44mg e3d.

See how you respond after a few weeks.

You have very similar numbers to mine. You may be experiencing higher than normal Free E2, causing your boner problems.

Also, ask DR. for a script for cialis one a day. You can get generics at all pharmacies. I get a 90 day supply for $26. It’s a no brainer.

Expect it to always be at or below zero. Honestly nothing crazy jumping out in these labs

What’s your DHT? Some amount is needed for good erections

Blood work looks fine. Without TT it’s hard to say whether or not your e2 is actually high, but based on just FT and SHBG I’d say it’s not an issue unless it’s causing symptoms. Otherwise everything looks normal. Prolactin is on the higher side, but that can be addressed pretty easily.