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Blood Results, High Iron?


Ok sorry i know this post isn't exactly fit for the steroid forum but not really sure where else i could get my answers. Figured You guys could help the most.

My sister got her blood drawn and tested and her results have shown she has high iron, now shes 48, not a drinker and still has regular menstrual cycle. To me these things say she should be low if anything. Do any of you know of a reason she could have popped high or a cause? the nurses she works with don't know either. thanks guys



Things I can think of off the top of my head. High red meat diet, eats lots of food rich in iron, not enough calcium, takes daily vits with iron added.


Eating lots of clams can be a cause as well. 3 oz has like, 14 mg of high bioavailable iron.

Tell her to start donating blood.

Or she may have hemochromatosis? It's kind of hard to have "high iron" otherwise.


They might have messed up her blood draw. In the event that they pulled the blood up poorly, to fast to small of a needle poor blood transfer ect. They can cause red blood cells to burst (hemolysis). This can make things in your plasma look higher then they really are.

Tell her to have them use a 21 gauge needle and a not to use a "butterfly" next time.


THanks for the ideas, Barley eats red meat, takes no daily vits, thats why i'm believing theres a deeper issue


no clams, i questioned her about donating blood if that would help i wasn't sure. and i will look into the hemochromatosis. Yes her results actually put her way high.


Never even crossed my mind, will do thanks a bunch.


So what was the issue? Did you happen to find out?