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Blood Results. Comments? Suggestions? Test E Cycle

ok so if you know me,
its my first cycle and its just 375MG/week


ok everything was fine before cycle started.
my testosterone was on 5.8 (580) now it rise up to 23.18 (2,318) for just 375MG per week.
Estradiol was 30 (on day 8) now its just 26, with 3.5 day AI, to EOD
ulric acid rised up
glucose, maybe the cause is too much rice
SGPT - how did the f i got liver damage?
i dont smoke nor drink, i eat healthy. just boiled or steam. never ate junk when i started cycle.
maybe its cause of meds, i just took fish oil, milk thistle, multivitamins, vit b12, probiotics, aromasin. thats it. and thats not even everyday, sometimes i dont drink those supplements. right now im gonna drop those supps except aromasin and maybe milk thistle
and woah getting blood is so expensive at our place. i did full test.

didnt expect my estradiol to be in middle range, some days its sensitive, puffy or some light burning sensation.
last pic is booger blood. got in on 30days after cycle

where do you get the idea your liver damaged?

do you have natural level blood work results?

Totally could have done without that! WTF did you post that for?


Because he’s trying to relate everything from a bloody nose on his cycle. Let’s just hope he doesn’t experience loose stool or we’re all in for trouble.

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I dont see anything crazy there to worry about. Did you fast before the test? Besides your glucose, there’s nothing to high or too low to freak out over

Glad to see your still alive. Last person who had testosterone bloody booger syndrome (TBBS) made a post then passed away a few days later


thanks man. im gonna delete my post. seems i just get insult or laughed at like its a joke… went to the doc and they say its not critical.

Yeah and stop picking your nose

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Did you save the booger and show him? Thats no normal blood booger…im no docotr but even i know that