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Blood Results After Clomid Therapy, Stll Have Low T Symptoms, TRT?

Tested low t. Total T was 12 nmol/l shbg 45 nmol/l, lh lowish 2-3.

I did a cycle of clomid, 3 months 25mg eod.
One month AFTER stopping clomid my blood tests are:
TOTAL T 500 NG/DL / 18nmol ( 8-29 range)
SHBG 46 N/MOL (18-54 range)
Lh 4 nmol
Prolactin 120 nmol/l (86-324)
E2 110 pmol/l (41-159)

Still feeling tired easily, low libido, weak muscle gains/stamina.
I also use caber for hyperprolactinemia, maybe its the cause of it?

You’ve tried your best and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give TRT a try once clomid has been out of your system for a time. Be aware clomid can still be detected in the urine 6 weeks after stopping.

You need to get your Free T percentage between 2-3 percent, currently you are at 1.7%.

Yeah I really want to give it a go. My plan is to try for 6 months and see how it goes. Starting with 150mg week split into 2 doses, no a.i or hcg at first. I can only contact my doc online so I’m willing to self medicate for now, do blood test after first 6 weeks.

Clomid is a horrible hormone compound. Your body knows what it needs. T molecules.

So I have highish shbg, normal T, low FSH, high prolactin and high cortisol?

My problem now is with muscle loss, otherwise im feeling pretty normal, any comments?

Im not on trt, but wanted to do it, now not so sure.
I want to add that I’ve been using cabergoline for high prolactin for 2 years prior this test, now after 6 weeks off it I did these bloods, seems like my pituary is not working well yet?

High Cortisol can cause atrophy in muscle, you might investigate why cortisol is high as it might be causing your problems. You need an MRI to check for pituitary tumors, people with Cushing’s disease could see elevated prolactin levels.

I doubt TRT will fix your problems, in fact it could make them worse. You need to diagnose/treat the underlying cause of your hormonal dysfunction. The TRT might very well decrease SHBG, lower cortisol, but prolactin may still be an issue as you try to circumvent the dysfunction.

The body is smart and you can’t fool it for long which is one reason why some men return to a dysfunctional state they were in prior to TRT.

I wouldn’t start TRT if I were you.

Hi systemlord. I have done MRI before, and it showed nothing? ( just some small mass gathering too little to see) I guess doc wasn’t to concerned about it , but he kept me on cabergoline, witch made me feel not myself for a long time, it feels so good to be off it, but I guess I’l have to go back on it if my prolactin keep raising