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Blood Results After 5 Weeks. Help?

Yeah he’s off from optimal thyroid. He should get his Reverse T3 checked.

You should also get iron values and 4 point saliva cortisol test.

I’ll keep this updated as I figure it out and get a retest. Plan of attack is stick with the cream for another 4 weeks, get a retest and if it’s still wack and not showing correct levels I’m going injection.
As far as injections go, what’s your opinion on quads Vs delt injection?
Also, I spoke with my doctor, he feels like this lab is incorrect for a couple reasons, my HCT has gone up a little since starting TRT and that’s a “side effect” of being on test, next is if my test was really in the 180s I’d be feeling worse than I did when I started. I don’t have any doubt in my mind he’s correct, I trust his expertise in this since he’s been in the game along time and i know people who use him and they are feeling amazing.

Curious, when you say his thyroids are off from optimal, what do you base that on?

His thyroid values looks optimal.

Here is the chart I’m basing it off. However, I am not experienced fixing thyroid.

All the important thyroid values are perfect?

TSH 0.93

FT3 being right at the top

FT4 being slight to the right.

Am I missing something here?

Yeah, pretty close except FT4. From what I understand RT3 is an important one missing to really know.

True, I am.so used to seeing optimal FT4.values being in the middle.of the range.

Any tips on how to optimize thyroid function to get those numbers into the “optimal” range?

Alright dudes, got that test level
Through the roof… currently I’m on a 20% cream @6 clicks daily. Iv been doing 5 in the morning at 1 at night. My current test level is 1500 and my free T level is “greater than 427.” I can say since starting I feel significantly better than i did previously. I just have a couple tweaks I’d like suggestions on how to get to my end goal. First, my libido and erection quality has dropped down recently. This is wanting me to try to lower my Dosage down to 5 clicks a day and see how I respond in the next 6-8 weeks and reassess. Also, I feel like my energy levels and drive aren’t as high as that “honey moon” stage when I first started. PRE TRT my total T was 690s range, i reached out to my doctor and he recommended we try to optimize to what I’d feel best At. Here is my current blood results. If anyone has any input or suggestions post them up! Thank you again for all the knowledge your putting out to this community. As a heads up before anyone says “GET ON AN AI” I won’t jump on one, I’d rather manage my e2 through dosage than have to take arimidex.
im working on getting cholesterol under control, it’s dropped at least 60 points in the last 4-5 months

Your levels aren’t 1500, they’re OVER 1500 at minimum. They could be 1501 or they could be 4000, you don’t know which. I’d back off some, 6 clicks a day on cream is a really high dose. Def beyond TRT levels for most people. What’s the range for free T? I don’t see it on your report but maybe I just overlooked it.

Your e2 is fine. No need to lower it. With t that high I’m honestly surprised it isn’t higher.

I’d consider getting a total T test that goes higher just to see where you’re really at and reduce from there if needed

If it works and you feel good then cool, but that is pushing it IMO. That’s 300mg a day. Even if you say only 20% is getting absorbed that’s still steroid cycle levels IMO. If that’s what you want to do then cool, but I don’t personally really consider it TRT at that point