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Blood Results After 5 Weeks. Help?

Hey guys, I just got my blood work results after being on TRT for 5 weeks now. I requested them at this time to get an idea where my estrogen levels stood to make sure I could keep them at a good level. Now here’s my issue, the lab didn’t do their normal ng/DL for the testosterone levels, they did it in “L” not sure if this is a false reading/misprint or what. Has anyone ran Into this before? I’ll post a photo of the results for test and free.

Current protocol is 200mg of 20% cream daily
My previous blood result 1 month ago was almost 700, I’m curious if this is an error or what the heck is going on. Is it possible to drop this much in 4 weeks while on TRT and gaining muscle/benefits from TRT?

It looks like you stopped absorbing the T-cream or it could be that you got a bad batch of T-cream, both TT and FT are low so I don’t think these labs are in error. As for the “L” it stands for low as in abnormally low testosterone. It actually shows ng/dL listed as units on the far right.

Total T units are ng/dL, Free T is in pg/mL. Free T can sometimes be done in ng/dL, but mostly is pg/mL per Labcorp.

When you test levels is important when on trandermals, usually an hour after application, if you test it several hours after application you might expect to see lower levels. You should be shaving the testicles for better absorption.

L stands for LOW. Tbh lowest levels I’ve ever seen from someone on TRT, would highly recommend getting an injection based protocol off Testosterone Cypionate.

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it, I’ll get with my TRT doctor and see what he says we should
Do to remedy this situation. I’m stoked I finally joined the forum! Lots
Of useful info here

Please try to get the injections, it is superior to gels.

Gels are not the same thing as versa based test creams. Yes pharma gels suck, creams not so much, unless your pharmacy does a shitty job compounding it.

Was the 700 your pre trt number?

Correct, 700 was my pre #

Do you have high shgb, is that the reason for trt? Or were you symptomatic? 700 is a decent number, usually, to start trt with.

I had a lot of symptoms of LOW T, sex drive was MIA, no morning wood, Lack and desire to do anything was gone, always tired, gym life got beyond hard to even go. What’s throwing me off is, I actually broke my PR for all my lifts in the last month, gained size and have been feeling better. My blood results kind of are throwing me off why it’s saying my T & FT is super low. My DR. Has me on 500IU HCG 2x a week as well. I don’t think that would effect any of this?

The HCG should more or less keep your natural product where it’s at then any T you take would be on top of that. Weird.

Did you look into thyroid also? If not, I would look into that, as that also can seem like low T.

Did the rest of your labs seem normal on this draw? It is strange that they dropped that low.

That’s what I’m saying! Hahah it’s very weird man. That’s what is leading me to think it’s a lab issue. I’m going to see if my doctor gets a different result sent to him than what the lab printed out, if not then I’ll get a retest this week and see.

Yeah, my thyroid was checked initially before I started the TRT, everything was good to go

Would you be willing to put up your previous labs with thyroid and everything? A lot of people are told they are good to go because they are in range, when in reality they aren’t, especially with thyroid.

Photos attached of my previous labs

Yeah those look really good from my little understanding of thyroid.

Hope you get those labs figured out. I was on about 220mg daily, if I remember correctly, when I was on the cream and was riding around 800ng/dL, so it is strange that you are completely in the dumps lab wise.

Thanks for all the help and reply’s. It’s weird,
I don’t feel like my test is low, I have way way more energy than I did pre TRT

His SHBG is not bolded on the report, shows at 31.5, which is average. I would think his optimal protocol would be TT of around a 1000. Curious what his E2 is.

Yeah I saw that after I asked. I was just curious why he was symptomatic with pretty decent levels to begin with. But your right it should not be affecting his free t greatly at all being average.