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Blood Results After 4 Weeks on TRT

For the past 4 weeks ive been on TEST C 150 mg, injecting two times per week, SUBQ (Monday 75mg and Thursday 75mg).
Last Friday i did blood test (roughly 1 day after injection) and here are my results:

I did expected higher testosterone and lower E2. Currently ive gained arround 4kg of weight after starting the TRT (which i doesn’t like at all, but i assume its water purely and eventually will vanish).
Any suggestions whether should i change protocol and add more frequent injections of the same amount (like 3 times per week), or continue for another 8 weeks 150mg/2 and then see?
Or reduce the e2?

I think the dose isnt small and im a little bit afraid, that SUBQ is not for me (even though i like to inject in a such way). My weight is currently 106kg, height 190cm (not much of a fat, my abs are visible)

Any suggestions/advices? Thanks

You’re early in this process, but is your goal to hit certain numbers or alleviate low testosterone symptoms and feel good?

I would also expect to see total testosterone higher one day post injection.

As for the weight gain, that’s not unheard of and if it is water then it should come down as you adapt to new hormone levels. Has your waist size changed?

Overall, I’m not sure I’d change anything just yet.

At some point, you could try a shallow IM, maybe use a 27g, 1/2 inch needle?


Please don’t start down the road of treating a number on as piece of paper, how you feel is what matters. My estrogen is higher than yours and I have no symptoms.

Of course i want to feel better than i used to be, but frankly the difference between now and before test injection isnt that big (having more morning woods and a bit extra energy, i acknowledge that not enough time passed, but still…)

Regarding shallow IM - good idea, will try to inject in delts some day, but for now will stick to SUBQ.

Im not jumping heedlessly in to hammering down E2, just wanted to hear more opinions about that.
Some guys suggests to reduce E2 by taking anastrazol twice per week for 2wks and then rerun a protocol with 125mg/twice per week.

Oh boy… leave your Estrogen alone. Dont mess with it, and leave it be. My E runs high, and everything is great. Regardless of what some guys say. TRT is simple for the majority of men. Also 4 weeks, you’re working with absolutely no real info, youre still in flux. Be smart about this, and ask as many questions you possibly can so that you dont fuck yourself up