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Blood Results, 500ng High Prolactin


Is there any chance this prolactin level is causing me symptoms? E.g difficulty waking up in the morning (negative for sleep apnea) foggy and fatigued most days. Very low sex drive but everything ‘works’ very low motivation, often just end up sitting on the sofa in a fog. Difficulty building muscle. I also have slightly low LH? I know that clomid low dose puts me straight to 29nmol / 800ng testosterone so my balls are more than capable of producing more testosterone. Didn’t ejaculate within 50-60 hours of this test or hug babies. Considering a trial of caber to see if it helps my symptoms. Any opinion on free test levels? Should I stay on clomid to boost me to 29nmol or is this pointless due to the increase of shbg?


Is this the first time you checked prolactin?

You probably should get a pituitary mri

My prolactin was higher than this and my GP was not concerned. They queried if I had any vision issues or headaches which I don’t which I’m guessing ruled out the need for an MRI.

Lol. U should get an mri. ESP u are having hormone issues. You can have a pituitary tumor.

That’s why I discussed it the GP them and I think I’d rather take my GPs advice for now!
I think proclatin would need to be much higher before worrying about an MRI.

Although I am a tired,miserable irritable sod…

Sorry Stinger, digressing.

Did you have your blood test through any TRT clinic who you can discuss the results with?

Are you UK or US based or elsewhere?

U.K. Based so not even worth going to GP. They won’t MRI for those levels. First time I’ve ever tested prolactin.

I discussed my prolactin over the phone with them and found it quite useful. I don’t think it is wise to assume all GPs are useless, they are normally very clever people.

They’ve labelled me a hypochondriac because I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me for years. Everything from frequent urination which they never got to the bottom of, to my fatigue and sex drive problems. In the end they put me on Prozac and I felt like death within a few weeks. Haven’t spoken to a GP since. Smoking weed at night has solved some of the issues, perhaps poor sleep due to anxiety. So now I have a little more energy during the day…but still far from optimal.

I may be depressed, but Prozac isn’t the way to beat it, and ive been lifting for 8 years and that hasn’t helped much. Maybe prolactin causes depression via low dopamine.

Try some L-Dopa and Boron and see how you feel and retest in a couple of months.