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Blood Results - 20 Y/O, First Cycle

Hello everyone I’m 20 years old been liftInv since I was 14. 4 months ago I started my first cycle 250 mg test e for first month 375 mg second month then 500mg thirs month now my new cycle I started a month ago is 500 mg test e 400 mg primo and 20 mg of anavar and 0.5mg arimidex eod . I started feeling kinda tired And having headaches and a bit anxious so I started checking my blood pressure It’s around 145 over 90 in the day and when I wake up 125 over 80 not bad. So I got blood tests my estrogen worries me so I started last week 0.5 mg Ed of arimided I also take n2 gaurd and 1200mg fish oil a day and 400mg day of coq10 gonna get blood tests again next week I’m also worried about my albumin levels before the test I did 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of weights and forgot my Gatorade so drank a coffe and didn’t drink much water That day could that be Why it’s high or is that way to high

You likely crashed your estrogen by taking a massive .5mg of Arimidex daily, that’s super high.

You also didn’t take any time off between your first cycle and second? This is a recipe for disaster. Hope you know what you’re doing.

Sounds like you ought to come off, let your body recover, and plan your next cycle better. Just my .02

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Forgot these results as well say my albumin in blood is fine though

I never fasted could be why

How come you didn’t take a break after your first cycle and instead just jumped to more compounds? You’re essentially on one long cycle

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didn’t really see the point in stopping if I felt fine and my blood pressure and blood levels were ok.i plan on doing this for another 2 months then doing pct. My estrogen in my labs say it was high though or is that normal with high testosterone I’ve noticed since going to arimidex Ed .5mg my headaches have reduced away and I’m not as tired. Do u think it will slowly crash at that dose and maybe do .5 mg of arimidex 5 day a week from the 3 days a week I was taking in the beginning an not taking a dose the day before my 2 injections on Sunday and Wednesday

Didn’t see a point in stopping? Lethargy, high blood pressure, allowing your hpta to get back in action, allowing your body to rest, giving your heart a break… none of these seem like a good reason to stop?

You’re not on cycle #2, you’re on one long first cycle. You’re gonna be in for a rude awakening when you PCT, then again, maybe you’ll be lucky and won’t.

I’ll be curious to see what your E2 is at next week. If it’s high, your arimidex is underdosed or fake.

Your primo could be fake and causing the issues, your anavar could be fake and causing issues, or the 500mg of test could be. You made several changes at once and now you’ve got no clue what’s doing what. Anavar and Primo are among the most often faked.

If you’re feeling better after taking an AI, your E2 could have been too high causing head aches and such. But id try a much lower dose of AI.

These issues though should be a sign to give your body a break, and try a second cycle after you’ve had some time off.


You’re on a 6 month cycle dude. Of course you’ll have sides. PCT might be a bitch and it could take a year to get back to your previous levels if you’re able to at all.

2.5 mg of adex per week will probably crash your e at some point. That’s what I think based on my own ai dosages.

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So ur saying adding 1 mg a week of arimidex from my current protocol which has my Estradiol double the max recommended levels will crash my e2 keep in mind I’m 6 foot 6 265 pounds

I’m a big boy too and have crashed my e twice on 1mg and 1.5 mg in 1 week! That’s two separate weeks. One week of 1mg total crashed me. A different week of 1.5 crashed me. Luckily the test bounces my e back so quickly this last time I lost a bit of libido for about 3 days.

Option 1
Why not get your e tested weekly if that is your concern. My lab does it for $40. Start at a low dose of ai then move up and reevaluate until you’re dialed.

Based on your pics and your ridiculous 6 month first cycle at age 20, I’d say this won’t be your last cycle. Why not learn something? Dial in your e where you feel the best. That way you know for the future cycles where you like your e. Might be double or triple normal range. Might be right at normal range.

Option 2.
Take 20mg tamoxifen daily. This helps more with gyno prevention. I think your original concern was blood pressure. Tamoxifen is more we’ll tolerated by most and you won’t crash your 2. Might even be able to get away with 20mg eod.

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Size has nothing to do with this… What matters is that you’re testosterone was proportionately elevated with you’re estradiol, for whatever reason you thought it was important to crush it… Why, you’re already using primo and anavar… add in an AI with test (oestrogen being important within ratio for glucose and lipid metabolism) and you’re crushing HDL cholesterol even further… why…

You’re BP is elevated due to AAS mediated systemic vascular resistance, probably not E2

Also, crop out your face… remember posts online can have long standing repercussions

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big dude for 20, train legs and hit upper chest hard.


It’s not crushed. Read his labs.

I’ve always had trouble with upper chest :frowning:

Within ratio to T/E it is crushed. Testosterone alone when administered within a supra physiologic dosages appears to have minimal effect on HD (say a decrease of 10-20%)… combine the two and the decrease in HDL is far more substantial… statistically you’re most certainly looking at a 20%+ decrease in HDL (the higher the dose the higher the decrease) when high dosed test is combined with an AI. Now, a 20% decrease won’t matter for many, but for me a 20% decrease would put my HDL at around 35, that’s not great.

There are numerous other benefits to letting E run a little higher

  • beneficial impact upon neurotransmission
  • enhanced vasodilatory response (stimulation of endothelium derived vasodilatory substance such as NO)… this will help with boners
  • Estrogen directs aids within glucose/lipid metabolism
  • a lack of E induced endothelial dysfunction, AAS induces this too… combine the two and it’s a double whammy

If you’re getting gyno (which most don’t, but some are susceptible… I had gyno during my preteen years)… why not use a low dosage of tamoxifen? It isn’t risk free, but 10mg daily fro a little bit ought to ward off gyno

It certainly isn’t the END of the world if he decides to use an AI, but why add in unwarranted risk factors.

Say DHT ref range is 0.55-2.8nmol (it’s close to this, give or take what ref range you’re looking at), I take 1000mg test weekly but use finasteride to crush my DHT. TT is 200nmol, but my DHT is 2.9nmol, I’d consider DHT to be cursed within proportion to where it should be.

There are certain side effects associated with AI’s independent of the mechanism by which the drugs work, they’re all round fairly nasty drugs… I’d prefer to just use non-aromatising compounds if I was using a dose that necessitated an AI.

I’m not of the thought “you never need one”… many will legitimately hold water directly correlated with E2 (not aldosterone dysregulation, electrolyte retention etc) at dosages of say 1000mg +, not all… but some… in which case why use such high dosages if you can’t handle them… use something else

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