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Blood pressure


Does anybody know the average blood pressure increase one could expect from doing a cylce of, say, dianabol 30 mg/day for a few weeks? Assuming a starting bp of 120/80, what would be the bp during the cycle in the average user?


I’m no expert but when I was doing d-bol 40mg a
day 3weeks my doc check it. Beginning of cycle
it was 124/75. 3rd week it was 140/80. He said it depend age history of high blood pressure in the
family. P-22 could answer this question better then
me. Be safe.


Thanks. Interesting - that’s quite a significant increase, though not dangerous.


P-22, are you there?


Like others have said, you could see an increase systolic pressure of 20-30 mmHg
Many times this is exagerated, as white coat syndrome, and a BP cuff that is too small for your arm can scew the numbers. You should be more concerned with your diastolic pressure however (the bottom number) as this is the pressure in between heart beats. This truly tells you if your pressure is being raised by increased resistance in the blood vessels d/t higher hematocrit, decreased elasticity of the vessels, or water retention. A high systolic and a low diastolic can be attributed to athletes heart - a condition where the ejection fraction and cardiac output is higher per ‘beat’.
This is a result of training - all those squats and deadlifts, and frankly is inevitable if you train heavy for many years.

Thanks, P-22.
How common is increased diastolic from steroids (at dosages previously mentioned)?