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Blood pressure


I took my pressure this morning after a really long, and it appeared rather weird. A reading of 132/67 appeared the first time, and about an hourt later a reading of 127/69 appeared. I couldn't find something online that could help understand what this is. Any thoughts?

EDIT: I am on week 6 of my cycle, deca and test. The deca is now discontinued, only test E at 500mg.


How old are you? The 127/69 is alright. Blood pressure changes all the time, the 132/67 is not that far off from the other reading and not a lot to worry about. Keep an eye on it if gets higher. Lay off caffeine and eat more asparagus, broccoli, kale etc...


I am 20. I don't drink caffeine at all, maybe 2 cups of coffe per week. I am going to keep a close eye on it, since I don't plan to taper dcown my dose until after the start of december, after my meet that is.


That doesn't seem a worrisome measure to me.

Just be smart, other than the AAS other causes of high blood pressure are usually pretty obvious: smoking, stimulant use (not just caffeine), high sodium in some, stress, and perhaps counter-intuitively: dehydration as well.


looks decent to me, I never get the same reading twice in a row... I have read hawthorne berry is pretty effective at lowering bp by expanding artery walls, maybe look into it if it increases.