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Blood Pressure vs Weight Gain

I?m a newbie and have only been lifting weights for about 7 months. Luckily I found this site early on and wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of information provided here at such a low price (free). I?m 31 years old, 6 ft, and my bodyweight has increased from 190lbs to 215lbs during these 7 months. BF has remained between 14% - 16% which is not great, but I?m happy with it for now. I look better, feel better, and am a lot stronger than I was 7 months ago. Thanks again to this site and all of its contributors for the help.

My question is regarding blood pressure. Mine has been 124/78 for the past several years but is now 140/78, which I attribute to the recent weight gain. Should I be concerned? Is it possible that it will return to a lower level as my body adjusts to carrying some extra weight? I eat all clean foods, just a lot more than I used too. The only new additions to my diet have been protein powder and flax seed oil. I also used to jog a fair amount ? up to 20 miles per week. I quit in an effort to get a little heavier, but still remain fairly active outside of scheduled workouts. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Same thing happened to me. I gained many pounds of muscle over the years and I watched my blood pressure creep up slowly . Mine never went down.