Blood Pressure Test E Only

I have been using Test-e for the last 9 weeks, injecting 250 MG twice a week. I’m planning to finish at 10-12 weeks.

I recently had a spike in my bloodpressure, I noticed this after I got really dizzy and blacked out for a minute. I measured my bloodpressure and the outcome was 180 higher / 120 lower.

My blood pressure kept dropping and it’s sitting at 121 higher / 69 lower right now.

I’m concered what caused my bloodpressure to spike up. What factors could cause this problem?

I’m 24 years old, 95KG, 17% BF.

It could be from the testosterone or it could be totally unrelated. Pretty hard to give a diagnosis from one isolated event.

How is your level of water retention? Any other factors that could point to an e2 related cause?

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So why are you asking internet Dr.'s instead of going to see a real one? If I had blacked out or spiked like that, my first thought wouldnt be to hop onto some internet forums.

Diet? Had you eaten recently? Fasting? Smoker? More than likely this is a combo of effects plus the T.

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Was this during intensive, concentric or isometric exercise. If BP is hitting 180/120 resting, go see a doctor… or better yet go to the ER as 180/120 fits the diagnostic criteria for a hypertensive crisis… as in… acutely high enough too induce death or serious organ damage in a very short space of time

Maybe you freaked out and that caused the spike. Who knows. Regular BP checking is mandatory no matter if you are on Test/AAS or not. In your case check your BP twice a day. Anyway, it’s always a good idea to have and ACE Inhibitor at hand just in case you get an hypertensive crisis.