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Blood Pressure Results. Yikes!


Got my blood pressure done at my doctors late yesterday afternoon and it came out as 192/110. She immediately suspected creatine as the cause as I admitted to her that I have recently been taking an upped dose of around ten grammes every workout day dissolved in a bottle of water that I just swig from at work. She didn't even know what it was but looked something up on the computer as we sat.

I am unsure what the fuck the cause is but the doctor was quite a looker and I get into a panic getting my blood pressure done so a combination of those two factors may have contributed LOL. Anyone have high blood pressure like that and what did they do to get it down?

Like I say I reckon my blood pressure is a tad lower but for some reason when I see the doctor going to take it I sort of panic ( fucking wimp I know :slightly_smiling:


Your doctor had to look up what creatine was on the internet? Yet you still go to her?


Err... Yeah


Your pressure is through the roof. But, as you noted, it could be white coat syndrome (even so, that's still really high).

did you have any stimulants before hand? (nicotine, caffeine, HRX, etc)

what's your weight/height/BF?

any history of family with HBP?


Creatine is not the cause of high blood pressure. Past that, make sure the correct sized blood pressure cuff was used.

I personally don't even know any doctors who had not heard of creatine.


Are you sure the cuff wasn't too small?


Good point too about the proper size cuff.

I'd suggest monitoring yours at home.


Did she wrap the cuff around your cock?


ROFL ( which in my case is probably ill advised )


I have never heard of the wrong sized cuff. It tightened extremely forcefully around my arm though, so much infact that it bloody hurt a little. Would that make a big difference?


No, because all cuffs get tight around the arm. How old are you?

A larger muscular arm needs a larger cuff or else the reading will be higher. This is info a nurse new to his/her job may not be aware of.


Ahh, my arms arent really that big perhaps sixteen or so. I am forty two BTW X


Shit does this mean I have to cut back on training? I dont know a thing about blood pressure etc seems I have some reading to do. All a bit of a shock TBH


I already told you no...and since I do about 30 of these a day, I tend to know a little about it.


First, high blood pressure is not diagnosed based on only ONE reading. It requires a follow up of some sort where you show a consistant elevation.

You may just have high blood pressure. I know I personally would choose a doctor who I could ask these questions directly and TRUST without having to jump on the internet and ask a BODYBUILDING FORUM.


Ahhh, the ol' "questionable admission" in the med student circle.


I tried one of those in store blood pressure things at Pathmark the other day and got a 153/76, but the damn thing was so tight around my arm before it even inflated that I don't believe it.

This really doesn't have much relevance to any particular conversation, but I felt like sharing.


You need to do multiple blood pressure tests over a few days to get a good consistent reading. One day it might be high another it could be low, things like smoking and caffeine can have adverse effects on your BP.

A BP of 192/110 either indicates that your veins are totally restricted, you smoke a shit ton of cigs, or you just ran a marathon. What was your heart rate with the BP test? Heart rate can help you understand what the BP is telling you, if your HR was sub-70's and your BP was 192/110 then I am sorry but your about to die if you havn't already, but if it was like 130's then you just need to cut down on the fat, caffeine and look into cholesterol meds.

A good HR/BP would be something like this 83bpm, 125/76, this is my normal pre workout, post workout its 136bpm, 142/84. Heart is pumping harder, pressure goes up.


Ok your Dr didn't know what creatine was?? I hate to tell you, but you get creatine blood tests to test your kidney function. And still your Dr doesn't know this. Seriously get a new Dr. Bad sign right there. Very very bad sign. You should almost report her.


just a question. i have an upscale one you put on your wrist. i did a hard workout (took 200mg caffiene pre) then chugged a shake, drove home, showered, tidied up the kitchen a bit while i made myself a dinner.

the my parents were doing the blood pressure test and i did it and got 117/88 with 99bpm.

they said that im overdoing it in the gym and i might have an aneurism(sp).

over doing it? i told them to wait a few hours once im chilled out and to measure again.

the 99bpm really gets me though