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Blood Pressure Meds While On Cycle

if your on a cycle and your blood pressure is high what meds can you take and which ones should you stay away from… thanks.

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Your hematocrit could also be high if you are on steroids and diuretics could cause a problem with that. ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers are generally best for steroid using weightlifters. It’s best to see a doctor, not just take some on your own.

thanks guys. from there i’ve been doing a little reading on these things and have been looking to see which brands are the best for these purposes. tell me what you think…

for ACE Inhibitors: benazepril, enalapril, and lisinopril. either of these better than the others for aas cycles if needed???

for Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers: irbesartan(AVAPRO) and candesartan(ATACAND). and what about these???

also, if i consulted a doctor before using these products i wouldn’t want to tell him about aas usage so if he were to prescribe me meds would i just say “!@#$ is the only products i would use”??? then if i have any bloating i could add a little diuretics, just enough to curb some of the bloating during cycle??? or would it be best to just use a-dex during cycle for the bloating??? please excuse the ignorance between the a-dex and diuretic on cycle bloat question if it’s a retarded question, lol. just trying to learn as much as possible before i’m ready to pin…

thanks again.

I think choices on actual drugs mostly has to do with response to a particular drug and side effect profiles of different drugs in the same class. I would start by talking to a doctor about high blood pressure and see what he says. Tell him you lift weights and see what he recomends. If he pushes diuretics tell him about your concerns and that you are interested in another option. It’s both of you working to get you the best medical care, not just you doing whatever the doctor says, no questions asked.

If you don’t have high blood pressure yet, maybe you won’t. If you do and you have some bloating, try to reduce estrogen first before taking bp medications or diuretics. Anadrol doesn’t respond much to ais or serms so it’s differnt than test or dbol bloat. As long as your blood pressure is in check and you aren’t worried about looking ripped, a little water gain isn’t bad.

thank brotha. my bp is a little high (not on any aas right now) and am gonna try to get it down before i juice is why i ask. just incase when i cycle if it goes up again i’ll have a little info on where to start. i appreciate the help bbb & logic… thanks.

Some calcium channel blockers and heart - BP meds will increase E by reducing E clearance by the liver. Also some antidepressant drugs and statin drugs.

Watch for estrogen issues or use adex all through your cycle.

See ‘the testosterone syndrome’ by Eugene Shippen, paperback edition, pages 211, 212 for others.