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Blood Pressure Meds and Juice

Just got diagnosed w/high blood pressure and doc put me on meds. Was running usually about 150/70 but at times up to 165/110. Haven’t tried anything in a while. Was wondering if you can run a cycle while on blood pressure meds or how that works? thanks for any info.

I am on HRT and also take meds for high bp with no problems. I would look into Diovan Hct, it drops your pressure and I have felt no sides as I did on other meds. BP is down and I feel great.
hope this helps.

For natural alternatives, Hawthorn extract, Celery Seed and even Forskolin have been shown to help reduce/regulate BP…I was diagnosed as pre-hypertensive and have had good success with Hawthorn and fish oil. My readings now stay within normal parameters most of the time. I also effectively eliminated alcohol from my diet. Good luck!