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Blood Pressure Issue Mid-Blast. Stop or Change Compounds?

2 weeks in on a 400 deca and 500 test blast. My blood pressure is 150/90, and after taking irbesartan 150 BID it goes to 140/85

I think I should stop the deca, and either go back to trt or stop deca, add stanozolol and drop test to 300…

Also my HCT is 49, getting phlebotomy next week, which should help

Your HCT is normal, getting a phlebotomy will help for about a week, and it has nothing to do with your BP.

How much LISS are you currently doing?

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I’m on irbesartan 150 twice a day now, is that what you mean?

I’m on arimidex .5 EOD, and 300 hcg every 3 days…

Cardio. Low Intensity Steady State. It’s pretty much the treatment for about 4,000 bad things that happen to human bodies. If you’re not doing that they you should start immediately. 20-30mi 3-5x/w.

Should I stop deca and do the stanozolol and test approach?

Stopping the deca won’t give you any immediate relief. It’ll be weeks before it clears to a meaningful degree. But since I believe the appropriate dose of nandrolone is 0mg I always say don’t use it.

As far as the winstrol, I don’t know man. You’re having BP issues which could quite literally kill you if they get out of control. Hard to justify adding drugs at this point.

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