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Blood Pressure Is too High


Last few days I've noticed my heart is beating hard. I checked my blood pressure and it was 157/99 and heart rate was 85.

I dropped Tren Ace over a week ago after 5 weeks of being on. I jumped on N.P.P right away to finish my blast. Been on 750 mg/wk Delytestryl for about 9 weeks now. I did pop a cialas on Friday, and dirtbiked all weekend and felt fine until yesterday. I even noticed my VO2 was a lot better than when I was on the Tren, which is obvious but quicker than I thought.

I've been fighting with the baby momma but that's nothing new, I even skipped legs today cause I'm concerned. I'm hoping it goes down by the morning, if it doesn't I imagine maybe I should go give blood or have bloodwork done if its possible. But what can I do right now?


baby asprin, maybe try some celery juice, but sounds like you really need to go donate blood asap. Do you have high bp off cycle?


No, solid 120/80 for most of my life. Heart rate always usually high, but blood pressure not at all.

Took two baby aspirins, hoping it goes down by morning or im dumping some blood and taking a couple days off i guess…

Got a date with a new chick day after tm, so hope it straightens out…


Donate blood. The first few training sessions will suck, but will alleviate your BP for atleast a few months.


Do you lie when donating blood? They do ask for AAS use where I am at. Hell technically I couldn’t donate because I’ve had sex with an “unknown person” in the last 6 months! I couldn’t believe heterosexual guys would be prevented from donating blood.


Is viagara a bad choice during this issue? I thought it thinned the blood? I’m all nervous meeting this new chick, lol…
trained chest today with no preworkout and got extremely veiny, but notice strength loss from being off the tren, only a week on npp so far, but was sorta winded too…