Blood Pressure Higher Than Normal

I’ve recently been doing the size and strength program from your website that I bought.

I’ve noticed I’ve had high blood pressure recently. 138 over 90. In your experience what do you think helps lower blood pressure other than diet?

I was wondering what was better between high intensity cardio like sprints or low intensity cardio for longer duration 30 to 45 minute walks for example.

I’ve also seen where you have recommended neural charge training to get the central nervous system regulated and may help with blood pressure.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Any type of cardio will help. Lowering sodium intake. Increase potassium intake. Celery really helps. Decreasing systemic inflammation (Curcumin, Flameout), Carditone also decreases my BP by 10 points. Making sure that you drink plenty of water will also help.

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No, if anything it will slightly increase it due to the increase in dopamine