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Just how fluid is blood pressure? (soo to speak). I normally read about 120 over 80 but sometimes lately its a bit higher (125/80 or 126/77) when searching online this site below says even the 120/80 isn’t good (prehypertension) but I often see people quote worse looking numbers here and they don’t seem bothered (also my docs were happy with 120/80).

If anyone has any easy to understand suggestions or sites please post, obviously going into the orange or red numbers are bad but how bad are the lower numbers for a reasonably active, non smoking relatively active person?
(if you scroll down the site you can input your own numbers).

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Medical ranges of whats normal are for average people with normal weight who have normal lifestyles.
Athletes with 50-100lbs of muscle mass above normal, eating 6000kcal a day, will have much different stats in everything.

That’s an interesting perspective which I agree with. For instance my BP last time I checked was 127/77. I’m 6’2, 108kg (238lb). Fairly leanish, around 15 - 18% bodyfat. Would this BP be considered normal for me or do I fall in the prehypertension category? Can this even be accurately answered?

I think Ken berry is solid

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I would agree here. I have high BP for no damn reason. I’m not old, overweight, sedentary etc. I’ve been told by several practitioners that the target is <140/90. Under 120/80 is great but thats certainly not near hypertension.

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It cant be answered because medicine is not done on people like us. Going by “normal” bodyfat calculator or gadgets i have always been 30% bodyfat, lol.
Same goes with creatinine/ast/alt bloodwork, its always completely off for athletes. I think we just have to go by feel, and just see what our “normal” is when we are rested, eating clean around the maintenance and on trt/cruise doses of shit. Take these measurements and take them as the “normal”. Also stop obsessing abt that because smth like 10% deviance in anything has never killed anyone esp if there is a reason.
Smth like 140+ BP is bad, yes… for a normal person with normal weight doing a desk job. But should we panic about 140+ BP if you are a muscle freak on tren and anadrol? Is that a fucked up heart or is it just drugs? My BP can be crap when i bulk, but when i drop to 300mgs of test, my BP is slightly above 120… thats why i dont stress abt when its high if im on high doses of drugs.

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Is this with BP meds and statins or is this your ‘natural’ blood pressure when not blasting? I personally take a little telmisartan when on a blast, especially if bulking or using orals, but when on a normal TRT dose I’m in the normal range without any BP meds.

Can ‘people like us’ who don’t fall in the normal, sedentary office clerk category and are considered obese by “normal” standards still claim to be healthy if we need blood pressure meds to keep us in range even on normal TRT doses, despite the fact that we are physically overall stronger, more agile and aerobic than your average Joe?

I am on those almost since i remember myself, so those meds always have been a part of my normal. There has never been and never will be any different type of “normal” for me.

I agree with the second part. I believe we should look for whats ok for obese people as far as medical data goes. Imo, having a lot of muscle is the same as just being fat as our body is concerned. So if your stats are better than other fatsos, i guess we can consider us healthy.
But…i also am skeptic about the term “healthy”. The more time goes by the more i think its all bs.
I had 2 grandmas. One did yoga her whole life, all the exercise, fasting, growed her own food in the garden made all the health foods etc. The other one was closer to me, she drinks coffee, eats cake with it. Hasnt exercised ever. Her cholesterol naturally is 3 times the normal range. We always said to her “look at the other granny, look how great she is”. Its been 15 years since the yoga grandma is dead and the “unhealthy” one is 85 and doesn’t have any medical condition…

So the question is…what does “healthy” mean to you and why do we want to be healthy?
For me healthy means to be able to do stuff, feel good and not die too soon. Everyone by now should have similar experience to mine to know that being healthy doesnt guarantee longer life, so that factor is uncontrollable. Whats left is - feel good and do stuff. I can feel good on 1g of tren therefore being on tren still makes me healthy. In fact, much healthier than most people not on tren. What do u think?

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Well I just wasted 10 minutes drafting an reply that covered everything I thought just to see @hankthetank89 had written it better…

Yes I think we’re looking for what’s acceptable to us and hopefully keeping it in the healthier ranges so we can do what we want for longer.
I’m 59, not heavy (80kg) and exercise quite a bit (not soo much heavy weights but more “martial” and movement stuff as I can’t do both and recover quickly enough).
I’m on 150mg test and 50mg deca and will definitely be trialing other things so expect my blood pressure to raise but I’ll aim for it to be minimal. I don’t mind dying in 10 years but I don’t want to spend 5 of them in a wheelchair or hospital bed.

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“I feel a great disturbance in the force…as if a million left ventricles suddenly cried out in terror.”

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Remember, trenbolone appears to be very neurotoxic in many life forms. Quit replying to me. There is ignorant and then there is stupid. You have proven to be the later. Why take other mentally vulnerable persons down in the gutter with you?

And try reading:

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Excellent review…

Even more to the story:

Now here is a fun plot:

Which brings up the interesting point of lifting heavy things and vigorous exercise. The idea typically put forth is the extra beats and BP during vigorous exercise is more than made up for at rest where RHR and BP are reduced.

However one typically always pays for extra performance with longevity and maintenance/reliability. Hence you probabaly arent doing yourself any favors by extreme excess (powerlifting/marathons).

So in that respect I agree with some of above that there is typically a price to pay for excess. But ignoring completely self inflicted stage 1 hypertension at rest is dumb. Hand waving stage 2 HTN…pitiful.

Current best thinking is to get your daily profile at home using an accurate method.

To some of us excess is lifting heavy stuff and running TOT. For others it is running a gram per week of androgens. Just don’t kid yourself.


I remember a time when a reading ranging from 120 to 129 (systolic) and below 80 (diastolic) wasn’t considered dangerous and fairly normal by most standards. However for the last couple of years I’m reading that those ranges are alarming and should be treated. Do you have any thoughts on this?


Changes reflecting growing data set. Can’t remember the exact numbers where endothelial damage shown in multiple studies. But IIRC it was below 120 systolic. Not going to look it up since I dont want to “spam” the thread too much with relevant facts and sh@t.


I guess you gotta go somehow. Running that nandrolone or tren with the heavy squats is definitely a guilty pleasure.

No one is going to do the controlled trial in humans but you can look to the animal literature. Taking high doses of androgens plus weight lifting will take away some of the conferred chronic training protection shown above. Roll the dice.

I know as I get older my rate limiting step in the gym is my perceived cardiovascular response and joints not my muscles. Heavy lifting just doesnt feel the same as when younger. I guess dying doing full reps with the fully loaded leg press is probably a great way to go out. Make them have a bunch of people dig you out from under the sled.


Is Microcirculation a Culprit or Victim of Hypertension?
While the evidence largely points to hypertension impacting the microvasculature to cause these deleterious changes in wall structure and function, there are examples that suggest a case for the reverse order of events. For instance, in animal models of hypertension, elevated levels of ROS and arteriolar rarefaction occur even in parts of the microcirculation not exposed to high levels of blood pressure.21 In spontaneously hypertensive rats, the use of an antioxidant to prevent oxidative stress not only prevents rarefaction but also the development of hypertension itself.22 In the human model, rarefaction has been demonstrated in the microvessels of those with a family history of hypertension but who are themselves normotensive.23 In reality, there may well be underlying microvasculature changes in some individuals that at least predispose them to the development of incident hypertension. Indeed, there may be a cyclical process of damage and hypertension that is self-perpetuating (Figure); however, the majority of available evidence points to the microcirculation being altered in response to sustained elevation in pressure after the onset of essential hypertension.24

See Fig. 1


I genetically have lower blood pressure: usually 109/67 or so before TRT and it’s the same now while on TRT.

Never had my blood pressure go up to 120/80 or higher.

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Does root cause matter if it’s damaging to the cardiovascular system?

It seems to me “bad” should be defined as causing damage and possibly early death.

So even if it’s high because of injections or extra muscle weight, it’s still bad if it’s leading to left ventricular atrophy, hardened arteries, strokes et cetera.

We all choose our vices, but listening to someone justify high blood pressure as just a number they’re immune to because…… tren cycles sounds a lot like the bullshit you hear alcoholics come up with for liver diseases. I’m sure it was the bad oysters you ate in 1974, Uncle Jim. Still dying early though.