Blood Pressure Dilemma

So I went to my long time doc. Yesterday and yet again he is puzzled why I have high bp. Since I have not told him that I have been using ped’s for awhile now. So he prescribed me bp medication… My question is should I take this bp medication? Also, Should I tell him next visit that I’m using? I’ve had high blood pressure for quite some time but it runs in my family. My diet is pretty clean and cardio is done. I’m 26 / 6’2 /230lbs. I’ve been blasting and cruising for about two years now but using since I’ve been 20. What do you all recommend to get bp down? I’ve never gotten my levels checked but plan on doing that soon. I’ve heard giving blood is a good way to quickly lower it but how long is that good for? Any info would be great! Thanks

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Unless you’re JUST taking clen, T3 (in which case you’ve got clear issues regarding body image, eating… proper… serious as in you need psychiatric help style issues)… that or you’re an endurance athlete running EPO… in which cause… fair enough, go get a pint of blood taken out

Or unless you’re hiv+/ have another form of progressive wasting disorder… in which case… get a doctor to prescribe you’re gear

Are you sure you’re 130lbs? 230 perhaps @dabootymanz

Whoops 230lbs. My bad

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Oh… thank god

Lol I was like why is he saying I have an eating disorder…

Quickest way would be to give some blood, or use some aspirin low dose, try what your doctor gave

Better do something about it man, its risky to have bp high for a long time, i’ve had it before and was lucky.

What’s your average BP numbers?

I believe giving blood to lower pressure only works for the compounds that increase red blood cells. Granted most steroids do to some degree but stuff like EQ does it significantly vs the next AAS.

The other reason you might have no issues on cuvle and can manage it yourself is high estrogen causing water retention.

Your situation might be manageable by yourself but Idk know enough about what exactly you have been running. And granted I tend to read about things I want to learn about. This bp issues are something I learned because it was in with something else I wanted to learn about.