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Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate


I just measured these two and got 135/89 and 73bpm. I know these aren't "bad" but I'm young (18), a distance runner, a rower, and get lots of D3 (>5000IUs) and omega 3's (7g fish oil + 1g of flax seed oil). I expected it to be closer to 120/80 and less than 60 bpm. At the same time, I've heard that your heart rate goes down as you get older, is that true?

I'm guessing my diet is responsible for my stats. I focus on eating more meat and vegetables but will consume anything really that comes my way. I'm NOT bulking btw. So do I need to get these numbers down or what?


Average heart rate used to be 60 for the babylonians who invented the second, but is now 70.

Do you have any experience measuring blood pressure?
Seated/lying/standing? Try lying, with the arm level with your heart.
Lie down and relax for 10 minutes before measuring.
Don't worry about it.
Report new score.

How good are you at running?


Are you a overly tense person? Look into relaxation training that entails meditation etc.


I just used a device at CVS... it measured my friend's stats as well and he said they were accurate.

I'm pretty good at running, my best 5k is 16:20 which is three 5:15 miles.

Also I do yoga/stretching for about 20 minutes every night before bed... but I'd still say I'm pretty tense. I should work on that.


Being tense or high strung does not cause high BP. It's mostly genetics (thanks mom and dad) but some people can lower their numbers by cutting back on salt and alcohol and losing weight and increasing activity. I assume you aren't overweight and clearly have the cardio covered so that leaves salt and alcohol. Your numbers are pretty high for someone your age. You should do what you can to lower them now. It's a really bad thing to leave uncontrolled. If you can't decrease by lifestyle changes you'll need meds. At a minimum you should get a physical every year to keep track of it and speak with your doctor.


Being nervous or tense can raise your blood pressure.

( I know this only says in front of a doctor but if you were tense all day every day your bp would be high)

But for the most part high blood pressure is genetic.


Right. There is a so called white coat syndrome and of course if you are really pissed off or excited while watching a football game etc your BP will be elevated temporarily. Walking into a CVS and getting a high reading at 18 yrs old while being in good enough shape to run multiple 5 minute miles is a problem.


Caffeine increases heart rate, too


Your heart is excellent.

Nikhil Rao made some good points about blood pressure readings in lean individuals here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/what_your_doc_doesnt_know_about_weightlifting

I think you just got a bad reading. I once got 160/80 with an electronic device. Think the cuff was too small. But I've gotten it measured PROPERLY a lot of times after that and it's closer to 115/75. Professionals still read it manually over here at least. Says something about how trustworthy those machines are.