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Blood Pressure After Exercise


For those of us 35 and older, is it normal for your blood pressure to stay elevated by about 10 points for around an hour after exercising?

I'm breathing normally during exercise btw. I go from 110 to 125 and stick around there for about an hour.

Anyone care to check their BP before and after lifting to let me know.


yes. and there is a direct correlation to the level of exertion. I have had my bp measured a few times after geared powerlifting, and it was a little scary... but it drops after a couple of hours. If I was walking around with those numbers I would be dead. 2 to 4 times a week.


That's reassuring and interesting, about the "couple of hours". I know that after aerobic exercise bp should return to normal within a few minutes. And mine does. Except anaerobic exercise causes it to hang around at a higher number for an hour or two.

Powerlifters can go up to something like 370/300 during lifting, according to Dr. Elefteriades of Yale University School of Medicine.

I've always found it interesting that powerlifters typically don't have a higher incidence of strokes. I once read that the intense exercise causes a certain hormone to be released, which protects the cardiovascular system. Can't remember what that was but I know I saved the article on my hard drive somewhere.

After stopping TRT cold turkey a few years ago I developed high bp and I was walking around with 210/110 (not during lifting) and didn't know it. That got taken care of (back to 110/65) but now I'm on a beta blocker, which really sucks.


^ Which Beta blocker are you on? Also are you talking about your systolic or dystolic after lifting?


Toprol XL 50mg, the only one that works for me. Systolic mainly but dystolic goes up about 3 or 4 points. Then it goes back down after an hour. Might have something to do with the timing of my med?


Did u try Coreg?


Coreg was the first drug they gave me. But I had side effects.. aches and pains in my upper neck muscle / tendons and a pressure feeling in my eyes. I was tried on a few others then finally wound up with Toprol XL.


I guess any other questions probably should be in a PM. I am only asking because of your comment that taking a Beta Blocker sucks. Are you talking about taking a BP med period or that specific drug class?


Taking a beta blocker period, just sucks :slight_smile:


I bet, I always tried to avoid prescribing them or went with Coreg less side effects. What about the other drug classes Calcium Channel Blockers, ACE inhibitors, ARB's. Or do you need to be on a beta for some reason?


I needed a beta blocker because I had problems with adrenaline. Something called "hyperadrenergic" orthostatic hypertension. Both the coreg and the metoprolol seemed to fix that but I have less side effects with metoprolol. Whatever I had seemed to have come on just after stopping TRT.

Something changed and I had the feeling that going off TRT did something to my amygdala or HPA axis. Not sure exactly. Or HANS thinks, it's just that my adrenals are burnt out and I'm running on adrenaline instead of cortisol. Probably.