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Blood Pressure 138/100


Yesterday I went to the doctor for a lagging sinus infection. They took my blood pressure and it was 138/100 and my pulse was 92.

The doc wanted to do a physical & sounded as if he wanted to put me on bp meds right away but I assured him I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had high bp. NEVER!

Currently I'm taking 2 HOT-ROX, usually around 730am daily. If I take them any later I can't sleep at night.

I've been under a lot of stress lately with my dad being sick, my step-monster being a total dick, blah blah blah - we all have problems. Normally I live a VERY drama free life, but I have no control over this situation.

I was wanting to start the V-Diet next week, more of a symbolic "at least I can control this part of my life" sort of thing. But now that my bp has sky rocketed I'm scared to death to try it because of the quantity of HOT-ROX that should be taken.

Suggestions, comments, feedback???

I'm bummin' right now ;(




Well last year my blood pressure was 150/110. Take that! I was trying to donate blood, and well, I couldn't. I lost 30 lbs and voila! Gave blood last week: 120/80. Stress can do it as well as being overweight. Of course some people can be overweight and have normal bp. Go figure. If you're overweight, then that clearly should be a wake up call.


Yes I'm overweight but my bp has NEVER been an issue. Its always normal. Each year when I get a physical they are usually surprised I'm as healthy as I am for being so overweight.

Maybe its starting to finally catch up with me.

Congrats on your weight loss and ability to give blood!! :smiley: I'm a frequent donor myself.


I'm by no means a doctor, but stress can significantly raise your blood pressure (trust me, I know first hand). Seems like you have a lot on your plate right now, and that might be a contributing factor. Combine that with the stimulants in HOT-ROX and I'd say you have a combination that would raise anyone's blood pressure.

I wouldn't worry about it too much (and literally, don't worry, your pressure should go down). What's normal levels for you? Are you scheduled to go back to see your doctor any time soon?


I have to call and make an appointment for a complete physical.

Lately I've been having frequent nose bleeds, even went to the ER recently. While at the ER my bp was a little elevated but the nurse didn't seem concerned. I've also been constantly sick to my stomach and have had a headache every now & then. Had NO idea these were symptoms of high bp.

I guess I'm just scared right now because I've always been healthy. I live alone so if I kill over from a heart attack or something its possible no one would find me for days.

This sux.


Maybe I should do the Light V-Diet and only take HOT-ROX every other day. Gawd I love those pills...they completely rid me of any desire for sugar. I've been slacking on yoga, so Ill increase that again and maybe that will help.


Eh, don't be scared, it's nothing big. Might I suggest stopping the HOT-ROX for a week to see if the symptoms continue? Your heart might be under a lot of stress as it is, and the stimulants might be putting more unnecessary stress on it. Give it a shot, it can't hurt.


Thanks Padilla, I probably needed to hear that more than anything!

Ill quit the HRX and make sure I'm a stickler on my diet and eating 6 times a day w/out fail so my sugar cravings don't return.


I would drop the HOT-ROX and any other caffiene/stimulants for a week or two as a first step. A resting heart rate in the 90s is a concern that you can at least monitor easily. Do you have a BP monitor? I bought a $50 wrist unit that seems to do a good job. It's helpful to have a way to keep daily track so you know when you're doing something right (or wrong).

Other things that might help:
More cardio exercise
Bio feedback sessions
Limiting alcohol
Aroma therapy
Anything that makes you laugh (T-Nation???)
Allowing some time for yourself to just relax!

I'm generally borderline myself but have avoided medication for the most part. Supplements are one thing but I don't want to have to take daily meds for the rest of my life if there's a more natural way to help myself. Plus, most of the meds are beta blockers that force your heart rate down and can make you tire more easily in the gym. 8^P

There is no law that says you MUST take stims during the V-Diet. Go for it if you want and maybe try a milder fat burner that won't raise your heart rate.

Most importantly, try to relax and don't let this become another source of stress. It's very likely that it's a temporary issue that will resolve itself if you maintain your healthy lifestyle. You seem to possess a happy, fun attitude judging by your posts here. Use that to keep yourself positive.

Let us know how things are going with you. You know we all care about you here.


my bp always ranged from 130/80 to 150/90 until i lost 20 kgs and puff 120/75 stable,until i started lipo-6 2 days ago i took only 1 pill and my bp rocketed to 160/10 the next day it was around 140/80 60 pulse,so keep in mind bcuz ur over weight and ur taking HOT-ROX that may be a major reason,the stress these diet pills and thermo genics have on the body is immense,

so i humble advise u to stop all the supplements ur taking and consult ur physician ,and if u dont want to cosult a doctor take 1 pill per day drink lots of water until ur urine turns white,stop drinking soda's coffee nescafe u know everything that hav caffeine.
anyways watch out and take care.


This is probably a good idea. My heart is still racing today but I feel much better since taking the Levaquin for the sinus infection.

I can get my bp checked daily at work. I work at a hospital.

Most defenitely. I used to do yoga several times a week but have become slack over the past few month. I pulled out my dvd today.

Think its safe to do cardio with my bp so high?

What is this?

Don't drink!! Yeahh!! :wink: Although when I told the nurse yeasterday that I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, he laughed and told me I was boring!! LOL


Oh yes...keeps me in stitches!!! Ill be sure to re-read threads from Klip & EliteBalla. ha!

Spending more time in the sauna, jacuzzi, and steamroom while at the gym cover this one :wink:

I can relate totally. I hate taking pills. I don't know what I'd do if I HAD to takes pills.

I think I will still do it, even if I do the light version.

I've been kind of an emotional wreck most of the morning today over this but I've chilled out now and realize its manageable.

Thanks!!! I sincerely appreciate your kind words!!



Of course you should see your doctor, but the nosebleeds are also common with sinus infections and even with just winter weather.

You don't say how long all these have lasted, but headache and feeling sick to your stomach would be common, predictable side effects of Levaquin.

Headaches are also going to accompany sinus infections.

Also, if you have been taking any other meds for your sinus condition, like any OTC that says the word "sinus" in it, or Claritin-D for example, it may have pseudoephedrine or other decongestants which can cause the racing heart and high BP.

Blood pressure can change quite abruptly, so your condition is not unusual at all. It's good you are looking to address it, because over time it is harmful, but you are not going to have a heart attack tomorrow. Relax!

Back to the sinuses, even with the antibiotic I strongly recommend flushing them with a saline solution. Research has shown flushing to be as effective as steroids in reducing inflammation in the sinuses. You can buy these solutions at a pharmacy, but it's simple to mix 1/4 tsp of salt and 3/4 tsp baking soda with 1 cup warm water. I use a little bulb syringe (don't know what they're called), usually used to put stuff in children's ears. Yogis use a "neti pot," but the bulb is cheaper and much easier. Do this morning and night.

During the day, use Ocean saline spray periodically. The new formula in the big bottle is great.

Finally, use a Q-tip to moisturize your nostrils with vaseline several times a day. Dry nasal membranes get irritated and the little mast cells go haywire much more easily. It is amazing how much your sinuses can calm down when you moisturize them.


i'd stop any stimulants immediately. give it more than a few weeks, too.


this past monday my BP was 135/95. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my Doc the next day and when he measured it it was 116/58. the difference was monday I was VERY stressed and had a lack of sleep on top of that, so to mask the tiredness i downed a few glasses of coffee.

As soon as I saw how high my BP was I just stopped there and took a time out. Stopped my homework, turned off the TV, turned out all my lights laid down on the futon and collected my thoughts. Not the negative thoughts, but more or less my "happy place". It sounds hippy but it honestly works.



Blood pressure should be checked over time to determine if it is consistently elevated.

Invest in an automatic BP machine and take it each morning at the same time to get a true reading.

I agree with the advice to drop the HOT-ROX and Caffeine and see what it does. Introduce them back slowly if at all and re-evaluate.

Losing a few pounds and doing some more cardio will also help as well as reducing sodium intake.

Stay off the blood pressure meds as long as you can. They are difficult for many people due to side effects.