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Blood Poisoning at End of Cycle

So about 6 or 7 months ago I was ending a pretty decent cycle.
Going of memory not my actual cycle log
It was 900mg test cyp a week and 400mg deca a week.
It was 16 week cycle plan. On week 15 I was up from 180 to 206. Got bit by a spider it got infected turned into sepsis. Hospitalized receiving 6 liters of fluids a day and literally pissing it all out my ass and didn’t eat a single bite of food. By time I got home I was about 185-190. Lost almost all my strength
Than had a baby and enjoyed last 6 months with him.

Now I’m back in the gym again and back to eating right I hoped on 200mg of test a week and
2 weeks later I got from 178 to190 but have all my strength back to before I got I got sick.
I know 200mg is a low dose basically trt dose
But is it possible that even on that low ass dose it aiding me getting back to where I was before I got sick? Or is it just I respond well to a low dose and don’t need to be takin higher dose.
Posted a pic of where I was before getting sick

Well, I’m not sure why you’re overly concerned about this. I mean jesus christ dude, you almost died. Stick to the low dose, get your feet wet and then up the dose again.

I was 245 in November, probably around 14% bodyfat. I haven’t touched ANYTHING since then due to some personal reasons, and now I’m right around 250 and 17% (haven’t trained/Mcdonalds/low test).

It fucking sucks. It really does. If you stick to the low dose, you’d probably get back to where you were, but it would just take longer. I’m about to hop back on at about the same dose, cruise for a month and then add in some tren/orals.

You’ll be back in no time, man, just give it a little bit of time. Good luck!

it’s called muscle memory. That’s normal.

I wasn’t really concerned about the loss and what not but was for sure bummed.
I was just trying to see if there was someone who has made I decent recovery on a low dose. After an injury or illness.
Thanks both for the input.