Blood pH changing

Anybody have a way to boost blood pH towards a more basic rating?

Reason: Pathogens thrive in acidic pHs. Take out the acid pH, and the immune system has far less to worry about.

Only thing I know so far that can help is MSM. Carbs can prevent ketoacidosis, but I never heard anything do the opposite – get the blood pH too high.

Any info most welcome!

There was an article on this… hold up…

Okay, got it.

Dan “Your Search Engine” McVicker

A qaurter to half teaspoon of baking soda should do the trick.


There is a whole…school of thought called metabolic typing which addresses this. The diet seems to be really helpful for some (and not for others). If you search on metabolic typing you’ll find several threads on the t-mag forum including one by Kelly Baggett. Also,, and

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Also Berardi’s info is approaching things from a different angle then metabolic typing. In Berardi’s info (which is A standard approach), all food affects everyone the same. Metabolic typing points to the fact that the same food affects different people differently e.g. a given food may make me more acid, and you more alkaline. I’m not positive, but it may be that the metabolic typing diet addresses blood ph (thus the title of one of the sites) while Berardi’s more conventional approach reflects what things do to urine pH (which as you can guess may or may not reflect blood pH).

glutamic acid

a good multi

and green veggies


By the way, I posted a new topic fond on Mercolas blog. Fascinating! The main reason why I did not buy dead/shelf probiotics has now been refuted. Excellent! Now I can buy some without worries about efficiency losses because of the source` / packaging / shelf-time. :0)

OK remind me: how do I post a t-mag thread without including my login?

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