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Blood Paneling?


I've been meaning to get a blood panel or something done, I just want to know my levels for stuff. How's my cholesterol, etc, etc. The reason I ask is I've never had bloodwork done, and I have no idea how to approach it nor do I have a doctor. Thankfully I've never had any serious illness or injury requiring medical attention since chicken pox or something, however I'm totally in the dark about my health. I feel fine all the time, but I refuse to believe I'm ticking that smoothly - if things are indeed fine, I'd like the peace of mind - but if not, I'd like to know.

I figure a LabCorp or something is the place to get this done, but what do I ask for? Their website has cholesterol and test and all that as separate tests - I thought I could get a whole battery or something as a kind of package?

tl;dr what do I ask for


Back in the 70's, my dad finished our living room in blood paneling. It looked really nice... back then.
Today it just looks dated.


LEF has a solid Male Panel test, covering:

* Chemistry Panel (Metabolic panel with lipids)
* Complete Blood Count (CBC)
* Free Testosterone
* Total Testosterone
* DHEA - Sulfate
* Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
* Estradiol
* Homocysteine
* C-reactive protein (High sensitivity)
* TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)

The nonmember price is fairly steep ($400 bucks) but if you happen to be a member you can get it for $269. You also have the option to add other tests in if you feel so inclined. I can't link to the site so this is something you will have to use Google for.

There might be cheaper options out there, but I like LEF in general (outside their biweekly mailings) so this is all I really know.


Orrrrr, you could go to a doctor.


This option is looking for feasible as I'm realizing I have a series of doctors as uncles, all of whom can hook me up with a bp for around a hundred or so - so my new question is, what figures should I request? Test (for lullz), cholesterol, etc...


Go read stickies and posts here:


That is all.


For the record, I'm 18 and not really concerned about my test - I'd just like to see a number for fun. Most of those threads seem geared towards test/etc, I'm looking for far more general numbers


First you need a Dr to order the tests, it is not like McDonalds where you go to labcorp and order. At your age your Dr. will know what to order, that is why we went to school. If you want baseline lab work then expect to get a CBC, CMP, with Lipid panel. Possible a Thyroid panel if you are to fat or to thin. At your age check your balls for lumps and if you are making gains in the gym be happy that you have great Test levels.