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Blood Panel After Blood Donation?

so a cpl quick questions. I got mid cycle bloods last week (week 7) and hct was 48.8, rbc was 5.5 not over range but high end, def higher than at the start. so I just got back from donating blood (1st time by the way) and I was wondering 1. should I do another cbc panel in a week or 2 to see what difference it made or just wait 5/6 more weeks till the end and just do a full blood panel then? And 2. I am set to inject tonight. should I wait till tomorrow or is it fine? (prob a silly question sorry)

If you’ve got the funds do it. The more you learn about how your body responds the better off you will be.
That said I don’t donate until my HCT >52%

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once you donate how much lower does your HCT go. I have heard anywhere from 2-3 points. If that is the case if continuing TRT how long before levels increase to pre-blood donation numbers?

For me I have to donate every 6 months to stay below 52%. Everyone is different my time frame will not be your time frame. You have to do the blood tests.