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Blood Levels of Testosterone Associated with Different Dosages

Hi, is there a chart or formula for anticipated blood levels of testosterone with different TRT dosages?

I suppose natural usually sits around 700±300,
a cycle of 500/wk 3000+,

What would 200/wk give? 1200?

Does free testosterone rise at different rates after a certain point from saturation of SHBG or something?

Absolutely not possible to such a thing to exist for TRT dosages (under 250mg\week), based on observation.

The resultant blood levels wildly differ from person to person for a given dose. Example, go thru this forum and you will see 200mg\week gets some to 800ng\dl and some people to 2000+ ng\dl.

On the other hand there are kind of accurate calculators\charts for Free T levels, if you input SHBG, total T (measured, not the amount injected) and possibly albumin.

Would be interesting to know if the above applies to pharma level doses as well, or if a rough chart can be plotted.


No way to know, we’re all different

There is a user on the forum who created a chart to estimate TT levels given T dose, SHBG, etc. you need known data points first, and he hasn’t given the formula out

Have run 2 cycles using 250mg test e a week and blood work shows total t around 2100.

An interesting note is in the first cycle I used no AI and my free t was double the normal range, ran an AI on second cycle and my free t shot up to 10 times the normal range.

Also, using UGL test makes the results even more unreliable as UGL test could be underdosed or overdosed.

Just out of curiosity, how would you compare gains between the two cycles?