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Blood Levels Dropped 1000 Points in Two Weeks

53 y/o male, lifter for 30 years. I have been on TRT for 10 years. My natural levels are in the 100 range without TRT. On TRT (test cypionate) my levels are normally in the 650 range. Everything was great until about a year ago. Started feeling WAYYY tired all the time. Erections way down (no pun intended) and have gone to zero, even when I try. I get zero morning wood and can not get it up for the life of me.

A month or so ago I started boosting my normal dose of .75 Test Cypionate once per week to once every 5 days. 3 weeks ago, on my last dose, I bumped it up to close to 1 ml since it was al that was left in the bottle. Since it was my last of my prescription from my urologist, I called to get a refill. The nurse told me I needed to get my labs done and get an office visit before she would refill it. I got a little worried because I did not want to have my labs come back so high that they cut my dose during my next visit.

So I went to a local reputable lab and had my T and E2 levels checked 24 hours after that booster shot. I got the labs back the next day. my T was 1252! and my E2 was 50!

I decided to wait two weeks to have my urologist’s bloodwork down. My results after waiting two weeks to the day? 260 for the T and less than 20 for the E2.

PLEASE help me figure out what is going on and what to do! How on earth can my T levels drop 1000 points in two weeks? My urologist had told me several years ago that I should be injecting 1.5 ml every two weeks because that makes the levels the most consistent over time. I told him I’d rather do .75 every week, as it felt like I was crashing before my injections when I was doing it every week.

Thank you for any advice!

What were the actual doses, in milligrams?

If I followed correctly, the first measure was 24 hours after a shot and the second measure was two weeks after your last shot. That’d be why. The second number is your current/actual Test level without any medication in your system.

That’s generally considered suboptimal and allows blood levels to fluctuate drastically during those two weeks (which you experienced). Once a week is, generally, a baseline and typically the longest you’d want to go between injections.

That sounds about right. You measured a peak reading around 1200. You didn’t inject anymore T, correct? Then waited 2 weeks. Levels should about 1/4 of there around 300. Which is where you were at.

This is in a different unit but you get the idea… by 2 weeks you were back to your baseline, which would have been nearly 0 T at that point

These are actual T measurements every day after a 200mg injection

Hey Sir, thanks for responding. It was the 200mg strength. Not sure how to calculate it, but I assume that means 200mg in 1 ml?

So based on what you are saying, what would be, in your recommendation, the optimal number of days between each injection? I understand that I’ll have to divide the does accordingly. Thanks!

Thanks for this graph. It is a big help to understanding how much it drops per day. I did not realize the drop was that steep, though I guess it does match just how I felt.

Thank you!

There are other studies showing the same steep decline at 6 days and even lower at 14 days after an injection.

The fact that your levels are 260 ng/dL two weeks after your injection pretty much tells you what your doc was saying about every 2 week injections having more consistent levels is bullcrap.

It should say on the label, but yeah.

“Optimal” is a muddy term here because there are a bunch of variables involved (bloodwork/response, lifestyle, etc.), but I believe once a week is a good, basic starting point to establish a baseline and routine. After you’ve gotten things on track and built some consistency (could be a month or three), see how you feel and how the bloodwork looks.

Some guys inject twice a week, some every day, but jumping right into those protocols isn’t necessary and sometimes isn’t ideal because they bring more variables into the equation.

I missed this originally. This should def go in the “stupid things docs say” thread.

That said, dividing that same dose into 2 doses of .75ml-150mg/week would probably be a reasonable place to start.

The fact that they wont refill your script if youre at higher than expected levels, must mean youre cured!