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Blood Level Questions

I recently had blood tests done to check my hormones. For background, I am 46 and do not think that I have any problems in the area of sexual drive or function. I have been taking Alpha Male or Trib for around three months and at least two months prior to the blood work. I have also taken 6-OXO.

I have searched here as well as many other resources and must say that I am stilled confused with what my results are telling me and my doc doesn’t know either.

My total Testosterone is 315 NG/DL - which to me is on the low side. My free testosterone is 61 PG/ML. I am not sure if this is good or not - only that it is in range. My Estradiol is 28 - again I am not sure if this is good or not. I have read on this site that you want it in the low 20s and mine is in the high 20s - I guess that isn’t too good. My Progesterone is .6 NG/ML which is high according to the range. It sounds like from the article on this site from Dr. Serrano that this is a good thing (maybe I am misreading it). My cortisol is also low at 8 (morning reading). My DHEA is 196.

My doctor warned me before the tests that she would not know what to do if the numbers were not what was expected. I think I could get Testim from her to boost the total testosterone but the question is should I? I don’t think I want my testicles to stop making what they are currently making - if I take Testim and cycle it for 2 months on and one month off will my boys continue to do their thing?. She has already said no to Arimidex as she is uncomfortable prescribing off label use. Obviously, I am looking only to ensure that my work in the weight room is not being impaired. I am happy with my sex drive and function. Thanks for the help.

Numbers are just numbers. What matters is how you feel and function. If you feel and function fine, then who cares what numbers are written on a piece of paper?

There is a limit to how much muscle anyone can carry, even guys taking massive amounts of steroids, so that is really a non-issue.

Make sure that your nutrition and your training are first class and you’ll be doing everything you can to maximize your progress in the gym.

You don’t want to get involved with taking testosterone unless you have a compelling reason and if you’re wondering whether you should or not, you don’t have a compelling reason.

Couldn’t agree more with Happydog. If your sex drive and function are fine and you don’t have depression than don’t mess with your hormones. Personally if you’re fine I’d even stay away from Trib. Believe me if you screw up your hormones or actually need TRT it’s not any fun.