Blood Inside Vial

Hi guys.

New here. Not a novice.

Couldn’t find any real answer to this question anywhere so just wanted to pose it here and hope for some educated answers.

I manage to get a little bit of (my own) blood inside my test E vial from a needle I was using. There are now 2 tiny (pin prick sized) almost ball like specs of blood at the bottom of the vial. Is the gear now compromised or is it still safe to continue using?

Thanks again.

Plz explain to me how someone who is not a novice managed to get blood inside a vial of gear.

Plz explain in detail how you did this


no, not safe to use

chuck it

I also want to know how this is physically possible. And I agree that it’s not safe to use.

Fuck dude, If you aren’t trolling, you are less than a novice.
This is the reason why you use fresh, sterile needles every time. One large gauge needle, to withdraw from the vial, then change to a fresh one to inject (23g or smaller = less damage, pain). Zero chance of contaminating the vial.

I made a mistake with a drawing needle. People on forums such as these need to grow up, these platforms are in place for people to ask questions and seek advice, and literally any sign of weakness leads to idiots jumping out of the woodwork to belittle and degrade.

I don’t need critique on my regime or implementation. I made a mistake and am purely seeking guidance on whether or not my vial is compromised. If anyone wants to jump on and point fingers to make themselves look big and bad, do me a favor and move along to the next thread.

Vial compromised, chuck it

Why are you getting so defensive.

The thing is you Cleary do need help and guidance with your “regime” if you didn’t a mistake like this would have never happened.

Instead of acting like a little emotional bitch why don’t you explain how it happened then get some suggestions on how to make sure it never happens again.

If you want to be technical there is absolutely no way on earth that blood should ever even get close to a vial UNLESS you are reusing needles.

YOU made the point to tell us all you weren’t a novice but went on to explain what is probably not only a novice mistake but the mistake of someone who is practicing unsafe injection methods.

Had you said “hey guys I made a stupid mistake long story short I accidentally got some blood in a vial is it still good” your responses would be much different.


Will do. Thanks

How did it happen? Be open to suggestions about how to improve your process. It can only help you get better.

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Obviously you do need it critiqued, you are the one that got blood in the vial. You made a beginner mistake but yet claim not to be a novice. People aren’t attacking your weakness, they go after your arrogance.

And to be quite honest, no one really attacked you even though your feeling may have been hurt. Your Online Ego (E-peen) will survive.
People wanted to know how you got to the point of contaminating your vial so they could help you identify where you fucked up.

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Throw the vial away and stop re using needles.

That is literally the only way you are going to get blood in the vial. So novice or not that is pretty stupid.

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Im not sure where you get your pins from, But tossing a syringe AND two needles (draw and Pin) would only cost me like 40 cents.

Ya for what it’s worth I use medexsupply “dot com”

I think my last purchase was 100 3ml syringes with tips, 100 draw tips and 100 insulin pins for like $70.

I dont feel like doing the math on that but it’s cheap to avoid infection and wasting vials of test

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No fucking way op is reusing needles, that’s a horrific idea. Those needles are meant for single, sterile use.

Taking the needle out of its cover, injecting intramuscularly (or sub Q or whatever) then putting that same needle BACK in the vial to redraw and inject creates some serious potential hazards regarding sterility

Have I ever re used the same needle…


Yes, but not to redraw from a vial, to inject sub Q with tne twice in a single day, still wouldn’t do again, not particularly safe

Edit: damn not all my dots presented, I was intending on them for comic effect