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Blood in Urine?

just had a cystocopy( not fun) , plus already had prostate examine psa is fine , just a little blood in urine 1 time, not low back pain, only complaint is frequent urination, been like that as long as I can remember. One beer twice to pee! no pain no problems, wondering if could be from cycle, although ive had this problem when off for extended periods also. currebt cycle is 175 mg tren 2 times week and winstrol trouches EOD 50mg 6 weeks, hardly a harsh cycle, i just stopped the tren and switched to test 4001 time wk until I figure this shit out, any thoughts?

Been there and done that. The cystocopy was the single worst experience of my life. Keep in mind that I’ve never done steroids, but they never found the cause for mine either, and I’ve had a shitload of stuff done. Some folks it just happens to I guess.

Test 400mg 1x/wk?

Yes tren has been said to do this through stress on the kidneys - from waaay back when it was first popular in the 80’s etc.

Many BS ‘Steroid Handbooks’ tell you to drink a lot of water when using Tren to ‘flush out the kidneys’

Another poster here had the same issue after loading around 1g/wk if the stuff.

Your dosing was all out… what esters of drugs were you using?

I have a theory. In the old days tren used to be used 2-3x/wk so was injected in higher doses - this kidney thing was considered a potential side.
Of those who have suffered recently, they injected morte frequently but higher doses… around the 150mg mark.
You too were shooting a massive 175mg (albeit 2x/wk but alot to deal with at one maybe) and suffered blood in the urine.

i think it is dose related as well as user specific. If anyone uses this drug i believe they should use the Ace or Hex daily and at a lower more frequent dose… say 50-75-100mg./day.

JMO - prolly bollocks :wink:

thanks for the insight, even the doc said probably justa asmall bladder, couldnt find anything wrong. the test i was doing was TEST 400 (200 cyp/200 enathate blend), but lead up to the problem was 175 tren every 4-5 days and winny 50 mg 2-3 times aweek oral, so yeah probably strained the kidneys, never saw any blood, just micrscopic in analysis, probably nothin, but damn that stuff made hard as a rock in a couple weeks and cut my bodyfat in half, but, got to stay healthy, so i will take the advise of lower more freqwunt dose. thanks fo the imput.

If you do continue with regular checks.