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Blood in Aspiration... Now What?


Well, my first injection was yesterday, and it was entirely painless, I was so happy it was so easy (I did a quad shot). After putting everything away, I realized I was an idiot because I did everything right except I forgot to aspirate, it was definitely because I was nervous.

However, what if you do aspirate and blood comes into the syringe? Do you change needles or completely discard the syringe and use a new one? I am assuming which one it is, but assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups. Just want to clarify what is considered sterile technique.


Your own blood is sterile.

Ejecting the blood, and (not life-and-death necessary, but I prefer it) swirling the needle in a bottle of rubbing alcohol has the needle ready to reinject in a different location.

The reason for the alcohol swirl is that the needle was exposed to skin flora -- that remaining after swabbing with alcohol -- on the first injection. Of course, it's going to be exposed to skin flora on the second injection as well. But at least with swirling the needle, it's not twice as much.

If you omit this, it is not as if you will die from omitting it. It's a subtle point and I don't always bother with it, as two-times near-nothing is still near-nothing.


I just always changed the pin, anytime the pin touches anything on my body or otherwise I get a new one.

the oil with the blood in it is safe to inject being that its your own blood
change the pin and change sites and try again.
this is how i have done it.


Reinjecting blood is likely to lead to a bruise at the new injection site. There is just no reason to do it, as it is extremely easy to eject the blood from the syringe.


now that you say that, it was such a small amount I didnt think anything of it, but when I did reinject it did cause bruising.
nothing bad it was gone the next day and there was no discomfort but still it was there.